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Joyce Tan

Nice ways to reduce Cellulite

cornwall wallcorn

ahhhh Javelin, you always understand. You always get it. Thanks for that, hon!



It's interesting how serene these "bad bodies" become when you re-create them in watercolor and ink. Makes the screaming headlines seem very foolish.

About Janice Dickinson...ewww. I hated her since she said a bitchy comment about a plus sized cotestant of ATM. She said she "wanted to throw up" when she saw the girl . It makes me wonder how she is able to look at herself in the mirror. Perhaps that's why she is so skinny. She pukes every time she sees herself.


When I saw Phoebe Price at first I thought it was Linsay Lohan. I thought Oh. My. God> What happened to her??? I am relieved that those legs belong to an older woman.

Jenn F.

Fantastic! So unbelievably well done. It's amazing how you can take something hideous and reproduce it so beautifully in all its horrid glory. The PP one made me laugh the most... something about her slumped posture. And you really caught the essence of Janice's attitude in her face.


The skin tones on PP's legs ae so real looking. So shadowed, gray, and fleshy. Wow.


The sad thing is that PP doesn't even mind showing up here b/c she's desperate for attention anywhere from anyone.
Janice Dickinson-no one would care except she's so full of herself on atm.


I would love to see some of Wino (Amy Winehouse) she provides such alarming material! Also I would love to see something of that freak Carrot Top. He looks like claymation in real life! He would transfer well to canvas.
Love your work!
Thank you!~


I LOVE the top two paintings. Wonderful work.


Uh oh, how long before PP shows up here yelling DOCTORED PHOTO every second comment :P


I absolutely ADORE your version of Janice!!! The WORST beach bod - that would be Jack Nicholson :P


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I'm always checking out your site for new work. absolutely one of my faves. Thanks for this post. The Hoffster in particular made me laugh!


What's scaring me is that Big Hoff's suit seems to be slipping off and it looks even pelty-er down by the little hoff.

Social Network Web Design

The pics are so funny. He's so hairy LOL.


haha. I love the phoebe price one. she has some weird cheeks on her. (the ones on her face). ...too lazy for caps

Thorne Smith

A picture of Chicken Cutlets! No way! PP Claims that the original picture wasn't of her, or that it was photoshopped. I think you've captured her ginger-cheese essence in all its obscene glory.


Such beautiful works with fantastic colours! Too bad the Hoff ruins an otherwise smashing piece of art!


I think the celebs who cry "doctored photo" have it backwards, every other photo of them is airbrushed and doctored so much that it barely looks like the real them. That said, who is Phoebe Price? I've never heard of her, not that I'm complaining.

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