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heidi who, what? this is absurd

Obama Fan

Congratulations to Barack Obama on winning the Presidency of the United States of America! This was truly a historic win! I definately enjoyed the McCain picture!


That is amazing! Yes, the McCain is dead on and the rodent is perfect but I have to say that is the most perfect painting of that Montag I have ever seen. You're a genius!!!!


Heidi Montag does not represent Christians! Neither does McLame.


ah, my side hurts from laughing. That squirrel takes it to a whole new level.
McCain looks appropriately corpse-like, and Heidi Montag is exactly the kind of person who would gladly pose seductively with a corpse.



Worker B...itch

Girl, you crazy. LMAO. You totally caputured McCain.


I like your site because it is not political - stick to skewering hollywierd.

Michael Ian

I wasn't planning on voting for McCain but I sure would like to see what would happen in the world if this giant blue thing was in charge. I imagine it can't talk much except to spout bs and call his wife the C-Word.


Oh man, you have done it again!!!!
Thank you!


Another wonderful shot, 14. Keep 'em coming.


I thought the McCain ad was a joke. Who is that guy at the end of the ad and what is he wearing on his head?


I noticed the actual McCain ad, but I thought it was a joke because the guy saluting looked liked he was wearing a white "McCain wig", I thought you had Jeff in drag again.


If you haven't seen it, check out the link to Paris Hilton's totally "unscripted" ad response to the John McCain ad, which I actually found to be funny.

Her ideas for solving the energy crisis sound tight.

Jenn F.

I love it! The three-day-old-corpse-like pallor, beady eyes, and squirrel teeth (complimented so beautifully by the ghost squirrel) and then Heidi looking like... idiotic plastic Heidi.

Those of you who don't know who Heidi is... I can't tell you how wonderful that is. You've made my day, my week, my year. The thing about this idiot is that once you know who she is, all you can think is "Why is she famous?" and you hate yourself for recognizing her and thus minorly contributing to her senseless fame.

Dr. L.

Oh, it's the ghost chipmunk!! LOL!


I don't know who this Heidi character is, either. I'm usually not one to agree with the "ignorance is bliss" idea, but in this case I think I'm better off.

oh, and this is the BEST drawing of McCain. EVER.


Very nice render of McCain....and since I only know Heidi through your blog, I'll venture a guess it's right on too.
Where is the button connecting this site to Resplendant Chaos?


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Dr. L.

I will speak to the elephant in the room that no one's talking about. That's right, the furry grey rodent, whose teeth, pallor, beady eyes, and little fists match McCain's perfectly.


I wouldn't know who Heidi Montag was if I didn't read celebrity gossip blogs. And I'm still not entirely clear on it. As far as I can tell, she's some random blonde with big fake boobs and a boyfriend who is just as fake (though his boobs seem normal). I would take it she's on some sort of surreality show?

Demon Kitty

I fucking wish to God I didn't know who Heidi Montag is .... sigh ....


I'm sending you my chiropractor bill 14. I laughed so hard that I fell off my chair after seeing the ghost chipmunk and what's her uselessness. Great concept, great illustration, great message!


this is SO funny! You captured both McCain and Heidi perfectly!!!! Bravo!!

cornwall wallcorn

I love it that many of you don't know who Heidi Montag is. There is hope in the world!


Glorious Karl

That's good. At first I thought the Cindy was harsh, but on second thought she deserves no better really. I won't be surprised if the sharp political cartoons drag you into the spotlight.

Vernon Dozier

Who, exactly is Heidi Montag?




Delightful pallor you've applied to McCain. He does generally look like he's just been dusted with ashes. And Heidi's boobs kind of look like a butt, intentional? Hehe. You always bring a big smile to my face, 14!


Me loves the po-ta-to noses and the skin issues on the leetle chippy. I'm glad to know you'll be driving the bus we all go to hell on Miss 14!

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