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Ya know, I've read perfume copy for actual products that was more nonsensical than your masterpiece for "Perspire". Bravo!


God she's ugly. That pointy nose, those short bowed monkey legs. The small round beady close-set eyes. *vomit*

Parker Worth

What,, No Spanish flies??


14, you crack me up!
love the twinkling crotch.


Pubic hair dye? I thought nobody under the age of 25 or so had pubic hair any more... ?

Jenn F.

I love your Engrish write-up of the product. It made me laugh my ass off. "Smell the smell of the smelly smell with no follow of the crowd." AAAAaaahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!

Demon Kitty

Yeah, I have seen the "Betty" stuff before. It is real. Celebrity fragrances suck. I remember this Christina. The one who blew Fred Durst first according to Eminem and all his travails.


She's so demure and classy. You've captured her inner skank so beautifully!


Gee 14,
Maybe you can hook Xtina up with Jessica! Imagine how classy THAT would be!


Oh, my! What will they come up with next?

Excellent as usual, 14!


Love the Engrish. Love your site. Keep the art coming!

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