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Yeah 14!
You rule with the "Ad Dogs and Englishmen"



Thorne Smith

Congratulations, 14! Or since this is the UK, "Jolly good! Cor! Brill! That's the dog's!"

Keep up the great work!



Woo-hoo! Congrats, 14! It's about time you "ad" more deserved media coverage.

Dr. L.

Right ON!

Dr. L.


Woooo hoooo! I have a famous friend! Man, I am *so* much cooler now! YAY FOR ME! :D

(Seriously, rock on, sistah friend! I'm proud of ya... as always!)

Jenn F.

It's about time that someone with some real talent got some coverage. Enjoy it, darling!

Demon Kitty

So proud of you!

Demon Kitty

So proud of you 14! you are making the world a better place. Subversion through art revealing the bullshit that is Hollywood.

Please make more Thomas Kincaid penis pictures. Please!!!!

CPT Willy

Way to Go 14!!!! You are a talented artist and I love to see your work all over the place.

Knox Bronson

you are on a roll today! excellent news, 14 ... glad you are getting the exposure you deserve. gives me faith. :) xox knox

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