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Shouldn't the pacifier be penis-shaped?


14, this is just sheer genius and hilarity. You skewer the "celebs" who truly deserve it, and you do it so very well. You also perfectly captured Jenna's white trash face. Oops, did I write that out loud?


oh sweet collard greens with pigfeet. what have we here?!! that is the funniest damn thing i've seen in a long time. i love that pic of jenna. you capture this creature so wonderfully. the crib, bottle, weinerfier...what a lucky kid.


This goes perfectly with the Playboy make up for your high school graduation collection I recently saw at the drugstore. Get your little bitches ready for the porny sex toy life!

Jenn F.

Oh I love this! I've been away for so long, and now I get to have fun catching up. I like how the crib has platform stilettos on the bottom and big dildos at the top. Every thing about this is perfect. And Jenna's portrait... classic!

Ooh, Mid, that's an amazing idea... the g-string diaper...


I hope the twosies come in different colors!
My favorite is the crib! I love it. Can I get that with lucite heels?
Kim aka ~Queen Diva~


Oh, this is disturbing. And brilliant.

Dr. L.

Ummm, This is so brilliant, but, it gave me a nightmare. You are doing your job, 14.

Michael Ian

I love the platform crib! Be careful, though, 14, after the preteen thongs, this may not be too far in the future...

Jenna Jameson always seems so sad in her recent pictures. At least she has Tito to listen to her and give her the caring and sensitivity she needs. I am sure he isn't dating her just because of her past. Not at all. Not one bit.



Is that. . .is that. . .A PEEN PACIFIER?????!!!!!1111?!?!??? Also, loves the hooker boots on the crib. omg I really don't think it would be a stretch if those were actual quotes in the first paragraph. This was so funny I forgot for a minute that the world is going completely to pot. Thanx 14!!!


If my throat didn't feel like it had been gassed and set ablaze, I'd be laughing so hard right now.

Demon Kitty

I love the baby bottle. I needed a good laugh. You are right. She does look like a duck.


Sweet baby Jesus! LOL! Rubber duckie's with boobs! Ack! LOL! Love it!

cornwall wallcorn

Vern! Thanks for noticing the special bottle design.



If you turn the bottle upside down it looks like a scary dildo and the little duckies have tities!
I have the feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!


Gives a new meaning to the phrase "ugly duckling" :D

Knox Bronson

please please please never do a caricature of me! you are brutal ... i'm glad all the fresh air and sunshine has not dulled your pen. dual-action feeding from lifelike silicone ... LOVE it! thank you, 14, for making this overcast monday morning a lot brighter ... GOTA and Resplendent Chaos are my happy place.






Genius work! Um, where's the g-string diaper?

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