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Oh, I am poor brain parsed that as "Dollypoop."

Great picture of an American treasure. She once said that it was a good thing she'd been born female, else she'd have had to be a drag queen.


WoW!! You not only captured her facial expression & likeness,.... but, you nailed her "Tig Ol' Bitties", too!!!

Beautiful 14!

Jenn F.

I think 14 made it pretty clear in her write-up beneath the art that this piece has nothing to do with bashing or lampooning... kd, you just have to read what she writes, not just illustrates. Fantastic work, 14. I'd love to see the original in all of its glittery glory.


I don't think she's bashing her.. But I wasn't so sure myself. Yeah, I don't mind Dolly Parton, she's pretty cool.

Viper Tetsu

Lampoon? Naaah. Looks like homage to me.

She looks mythic, in fact. Like how she is in real(larger-than)life. This is still brilliant, sparkle or no.




Love her and love this painting of her even more. Brava!


KD - No worries dear, Dolly isn't being lampooned.

SS - It's a rare Macedonian Mammary Lily.


Sweet Subversion

Dolly looks great! She isn't being lampooned! I love that red fushia flower thing on the left. What is that flower called again? You 've captured the facelift, botox, collagen lips nicely! Hope someone buys it!


I hope you aren't bashing Dolly. She is one of the nicest people in the industry. I live in her home area and she gives generously to the community and is a kind a gracious person. Most of your work is about people that misbehave or do things that bring on the "absurd". Dolly is a great person. Is this really fair? I enjoy your works and follow the art. I just don't think Dolly deserves being lampooned. Thanks.


I always think of her classic comment (klassic komment, if referring to the Kardashians) that "it costs (kosts?) a lot of money to look this cheap!"

Love it.


Congrats! I was so jealous that I wasn't a part of this show! I just bought Dolly tickets, going to see her in concert. Beautiful!


"Oh Dollypop, you make my heart go gidyap!"

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