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sooo...did they at least credit you for your creation?

let them be dumbfucks, I say, but don't let them be thieving dumbfucks.


OMG I like totally saw the Urban Satchel in my mag and read that Mary Kate totally had one and I just HAD to have it to so I came here to buy one PRONTO. where can I get my urban satchel?!?! is there a waiting list?!?!! how can I get on it?!?!?

haha, classic.


Seriously??! Hilarious as it is, you can't let them get away with stealing your images like that. They owe you a publication fee.


I can't read "(including a shrimp tail and a used band-aid)" without laughing.


Bravo, 14!

Ugly Sally

awesome ! they never check their sources those under-educated so-called journalists ?!

Knox Bronson

Maybe it's time to produce the actual purse, 14. And charge $50K wholesale ... that gives them a 200% markup, which they will love.

CPT Willy

WHAT? You mean it's NOT real!!!!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha. WTG 14. Did you notify the newspaper and tell them they are stupid, our are you letting them continue to wallow in ignorance?

Oh, did they give you credit in their article?


Your Urban Satchel post was my introduction to your site. Need I say it was love at first site? (sorry, that was REALLY bad.)

I want so badly to be amazed that people can be so forking stupid, but I am too painfully aware of who has been our big daddy for the past eight years, to be surprised by it.
In my little world I would rather believe Elections are fixed than think that people can be such idiots, although I imagine it's both.
On the bright side: Your market research is done for you! You can sell these Satchels to the Palin supporters! I'm predicting a big spike in Lipstick Sales and they need somewhere to put it!



Jenn F.

Haha! Brilliant! My favourite tricky trickster has fooled once again. At the same time, you'd think they'd do a wee bit of research before they claimed such things as fact. The Urban Satchel is (at least to me) so clearly a joke, you'd think they'd have looked a bit closer before blindly claiming it to be real. What dumb-asses.


Maybe it's a left-handed compliment on your skills, 14.

glenn maguire

Its a dream come true. The mind boggles at the possibilities. Pop culture imitates pop art. I remember being horrified at the bruhahah over Martha Stewarts bag, @ a measley $14,000.00, and apparantly those who must have the most exclusive trinklett cum addiction gleefully, albeit greedily
signed onto a waiting list. Our society is doomed and rightly so. What depths of shallowness will we realize next? Its like, when did sweaters go from $40.00- to $400.00. I missed that particular price increase. Thank God you see the insanity. When will it end, and if it doesn't, I'm going down laughing.
Rainbow, wishes,


How do you keep a straight face? I just checked out the link to the Heather Mills jewelry and saw that a majority of comments were from people who seemed to think it was real. I forsee a time when lawsuits will force anyone of your ilk to include a giant red banner that says "SATIRE---PLEASE DO NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY" over the top of your page.


Is it usual for publications to just grab stuff off the net and print it without attribution or permission?

Knox Bronson

It reminds me of a couple of farces my father pulled when he was the editor of a magazine many years back - he made up these ridiculous stories, meant to be satire ... and got calls from Time and other mags who wanted to do features. It happened a couple times.

That's the problem ... life is so weird now, that even the most obvious satire like yours can get taken as real.

But thanks for a very good laugh in the middle of the night, my dear. please keep us apprised of developments, if any.

(an) Andrew from California

i shake my head slowly and mutter, "tragic."

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