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Wendyann Herron

I love your Dolly work for Metro Pulse!

I'm from Loudon, Tennessee, which is 20 miles east of Knoxville. I used to be a regular reader of Metro Pulse.

Now, I live in Nashville. I used to work next to her "office".
I thought it was a church, hehe.

I'm not here because I want to get into Country music by the way, I'm a graphic designer.


Driving thru Tenn this spring, we had NO extra time, but I HAD to detour through Dollyville. With my dyslexic map reading we wound up at the back entrance of Dollywood and it was an Amazing carnival of confection. If we had followed the correct route we wouldn't have seen anything. When we have more time I will return. How can you not love Dolly?
And I-o-I-o-I will always love Yewwwwww!


Fantastic! I really enjoyed these, and it's cool to know that you're recognized over on this side of the country. Drawing Dolly for any kind of publication would be an absolute DREAM come true for me... kudos, 14!

sweet subversion

I'm finally glad I got to see it 14. It's too cool they know you around these parts. The work is awesome. I loved 9 to 5.

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