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Very nice :p


Thats interesting, why try to turn back the clock when in reality you have earned those wrinkles. You shoul be happy with what you have.

sweet and awesome as always! keep it up ;)


Do you know what, 14?

A month ago I was in a tha main pre-colombino museum on Mexico City, and I listened a guide telling a bunch of americans how the mayans used to modify their body parts to fit into their ideal of beauty. Those gringos seemed so horrified by it and thay said it was so terrible, and mutilating... so I approached them and said "it is the same that we do putting silicone in our breasts..." They looked at me as if I were the devil... It is funny how we can't see things in perspective... don't you think so?


We women just can't win.

We either fake it up as we age or naturally grow ugly so we stay in kitchens to bake cookies for grandbrats. So jailbait probably have it good - or not. With pedophiles and predators crawling all over the place anyway.

Even worse, older women end up living through their daughters because they're supposedly "too old" to fulfill their dreams.

Whatever. We're meat waiting to decay no matter how young and naturally GORGEOUS we are.

So maybe be Heidi Montang for awhile, so we can be mindlessly happy???XD

Love your black and white work, missy. And the subtle way you highlighted Jenna's spare ribs. A few syringes of Juvaderm would fill those hollows out nicely!


And yet, for some reason, the 'Celebrity' modification looks the most unnatural.


Gorgeous drawings, 14!


Beautiful work! Even in lil ol' provincial Atlanta we get these folks. Very strange and scary creatures. They usually request Jackie Collins books.


Flat out brilliant!

I guess the celebrity version could be called (potential)libel "Odd"ifications since so many sue when said to have had or not had in the tabloids...

Not a jibe, um...tribe I aspire to belong to.

Way to go,14!


I can't wait to see these 'celebrities' at age 70. They ought to be the perfect Halloween decorations by then.


The celbrity looks like that skanky mom who want to wait till her 13-year-old daughter is 16 too get he implants. Alicia Douvall I think.



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