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she is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where can I get one? Is there an order form?

Steve in Las Vegas,NV

OUTSTANDING!!!Love the whole MAVERICKY thing...Priceless, YA BETCHA,doggonit
Guarenteed to ANNOY everyone!!!Even the GOP!


Oops, there's a typo:
"and is now being marketing to millions of fascinated Americans."

Otherwise: PERFECT!


This one really made me laugh my head off!
It made my day.

Thanks for sharing!

Dooder city

This is perfect. Where do I sign up to buy one? hahaha


Love the barracuda about to devour McCain!


Hee hee! That's perfect!


YES! Thank You SO much for this...You've made my day.

the image of Palin sinking the McCain doll is a simple but perfect visual metaphor. well-done!


I'd want to be Wednesday Addams and put dear little Sarah's neck in the guillotine.


So that's Obama, McCain and now Palin. Sweet! Too bad Biden isn't quite as entertaining; his doll wouldn't sell much. *le sigh*


Does she also say things like "I read newspapers. Which ones? All of them, of course" and "I told them thanks but no thanks on the bridge to nowhere but thanks for the sending the money anyway."

Nice work! I particularly like the lead core line because it is so very, very true!

Dr. L.


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