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The picture is dead on...absolutely hilarious.


Dude, this is GENIOUS.

Jenn F.

Brilliant! Both the illustration and the latin name are perfect.


You should definitely try making him a camel too. That's what the rest of the interweb refers to him as.


Once again, GENIUS! I've been following your page for well over a year now, and you never cease to amaze me with the humor/art you create. Please keep it up!! (And thanks!)


I'd also like extinction.

-Jake of sD


Thanks for your kind comments everyone. I would have NEVER thought of Jay-Z as a turtle, but when Candy suggested it, I saw it immediately. Any excuse to draw Jay-Z thrills me. That face of his - amazing!


moon unit

I've been lurking your site for a few years, but now I feel the need to comment. That representation of Jay Z is spot on. I agree with snapnhiss that I've seen a camel likeness when I look at him, but now you have expanded my vision of the blingtastic Mr. Z to see his royal turtleness. Brava, 14, Brava!


I always thought he looked like a camel, but your bling turtle is more accurate. Well done!


Bling turtles in literature:

Rex gifted Julia with a diamond encrusted turtle for Xmas in Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited.

Parker Worth

I think it's beautiful and fun. Thanks again for truly brightening my morning.


This is absolutely perfect, awesome and really, really funny. I've always thought he was butt ugly and you captured it superbly, 14! The art and description are what a friend of mine would call "Fine product!"

Sweet Subversion

It looks exactly like him! God, does it. Thank You.

Yes, do one of BEEE YONCAY - what a classy name!

For god's sake, PULEEZ do one of Angelina. That woman is so completely and utterly full of shit.


absolutely fantastic!!!


This is one species I'd like to see extinct.

That said, promise me you'll do an entry about it's mate.

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