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Mums! I know what you mean, (guess it was the beaver pic, huh?) but I still can't figure why the Ang J breastfeeder got to stay.

I'm lovin' Grampy McCain's yellow Chiclet teefs!


Art that crosses the political aisle! I love it!

moon unit

I love Bam's halo and the steam coming from McCain's ears. McCain could also be saying, "you kids get off of my lawn!!!"


Damn, 14, you and Giger! Both of you listen to your mothers! Bah!


Q: What happened to the Palin Guest Artist Post?

A. My mom didn't like it.

I can handle mean comments, I can handle unsolicited advice, I can handle vicious personal attacks from raving lunatics, and I can even handle being called a "talentless hack" and "liberal commie pig" -- but when my sweet Southern Magnolia of a mother says to me "Honey, I found those paintings offensive", I simply fall apart at the seams. So yeah, I took them down for my mom.



yeah, what's with the disappearance of the Palin art? I hope you're not in any kind of trouble for posting those.....just as I hope I'm not in any trouble for spreading (and crediting!) Zina Saunders' work in the VegWeb forums...

Oh, and I also posted this lovely gem in the same forum:
that makes at least three times I've mentioned your work on VegWeb...I hope you don't mind the (potential) added publicity. :-)

Monkey Pants

Admit it, you took this picture as your McCain model and added some teeth:


Hey, what happened to the Palin art posts? They were disturbing but brilliant. Did you get death threats or something?

Dooder city

McCain looks like he can smash a beer can on his head.


Your renditions of McCain just keep getting better and better....

Will the VP dolls be out in time for the Christmas season Post-Turkey-binge shopping frenzy??


These are great! Where do you go for the dust refills?

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

I'm holding out for the Caribou Barbie doll, myself.

Knox Bronson

I hope that a future version of the McCain doll has his eyes popping out staring at the Sarah P-doll's ass ... like they do in real life. But I guess we'll need the Sara P-doll first.

It's very quiet around here.


If only the Olsen twins figured into all of this somehow, then it would be extra super perfect. As it is, its merely super perfect. Really nicely done!


Ah. Ah ha. Ha ha ha. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

Oh. That is too good. Oh! It's perfect. I love it.

"Hope", "Change"

"Pumping fist action"

Oh ho ho ho ho. Oh. Your GOOD!


I want my McCain doll to be wearing a squirrell pin made from the rarest ivory, please!

Bionic Squirrel

Beautiful. Nice balance between the two... hopefully we'll see few whiners leaving comments. God I can't wait for this election to be over.

Cindy Bokma

McCains teeth are awesome. Are they removable so I can soak them in some kind of denture cleaner?


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