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You're a genius! I love your work and your brilliant sense of humor! I hope you get rich doing what you do! You deserve it. I've been surrounded by artists my whole life, and having talent is one thing, but being able to put an intelligent commentary with it, is another. Genius! I've been laughing out loud, literally, as I look through your work! Creative and hysterical! Best, Noelle


Brilliant! Except for that the Elizabitch Hassellcoulter Screech Owl should have blood on its beak for supporting the Iraq war, and blood on its vajayjay for trying to take away all women's rights to control their own reproductive health. Also, there is no proof that she eats.


Well, cut her a little slack -- it's not easy being set up day after day after day after day to be the one conservative amongst 3 or 4 liberals. And also purposely having been chosen as someone less articulate and informed than the others so as to enhance the effect of their arguments.

Dooder city

I wish that Elizabeth would really just crawl into a cave and never come out.


Sorry, 14....
Joy Behar is the rodent... a Tasmanian Devil would be the best comparision....


"who honestly and truly believe that people want to hear everything that comes out of their mouths."

I think this applies to all the ladies on the View... God, that show! I can never understand what they're saying when they start arguing at the same time!

I don't agree with most of Elizabeth's views, but sometimes I feel for her... I've sort of been in her shoes (a so-called "liberal" at a dinner table of "conservatives").

And on a new note, I think that the screech owl is a hilarious choice of animal for her :) Mainly the sound of her voice..


HAHAHA!!! Just when I think you've outdone yourself, you do it again-this perfectly captures the obnoxious Hasselbeck.


Loves it! What a perfect analogy.

She perfectly embodies one of the most annoying facets of reality tv "stars" -- who honestly and truly believe that people want to hear everything that comes out of their mouths. There's no thought, introspection, reflection. There's just Words and More Words.

I could NOT believe when EH screeched on an on about Pastor Wright right before the election. Like, when did she appoing herself the Screecher of the Right? Ugh!

Bionic Squirrel

Perfect. And Candy's write-up was hilarious!


Good day!

Although not exactly relating to the thread please allow me, dear friend, to tell you of the newest home of British comedy on the online.

English For Dirty Foreigners is the only show on the internets that will lie to you outrightly about British language, traditions, customs and stuffs.
Oh yes, we have many stuffs.

Come for the comedy.
Stay for the hilarity.

Hell On Wheels

It looks just like her! Hot damn!

Sweet Subversion

She also looks like a possum. I hope she sees this 14. You are funny as fuck!

johnny amplesack

liberals are hoot!




When she coughs up the little owl pellets does she put them in a Kate Spade handbag specially made for that purpose?

The Joy and Whoopie rodents are adorable!


LOLOLOL! She is one revolting human, and you've captured the predatory vibe so well! Love it!


Very nice! I love the eyes!


I am lucky the library is empty right now because I couldn't help but laugh out loud at this. You captured her idiocy almost perfectly (though I'd like to have seen her freakishly huge forehead skewered some). This is totally getting reposted to my blog because I loathe that stupid woman.

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