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Joe Jeresaty

Thank you for posting the Charles Frazier drawing. The piece says it all....Good things to come. Thank you!


congrats... but not happy about it.

Steve in Las Vegas,NV

Sanity and hope will reappear on 20 Jan 09 at 12:02pm....The nightmare will be gone(And Bushco will be out of business)
And the choir will be singing"Oh Happy Day"!

Emma G

The day he won I truly learned to love my adopted country. USA USA!


What a great artist. Congrats to Obama! Wooooooooo!

Dooder city

I love you OBAMA!!!!!!

Dr. L.

Another Proud American!


I wish I could draw so well. I tried to draw the candidates but my stick figures both looked the same.

Sweet Subversion

Unfucking what was fucked is going to be hard.


Oh dear. I'm crying. I--- I have something in my eye. I think it's hope.

Bionic Squirrel

Congratulations America, on finally electing yourselves a president who just might sort out the massive disaster that the last twat created.


Fantastic drawing!


I'm so Happy! Now end the war please!


Obama!! Congrats America!

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