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this post really made me laugh...
sea of frappuccino???? LOL
i'm sure you got lots of your inspiration from dlisted, he always makes fun of her and cheetos...


She is beautiful.


dayum how can I get to Britney Island?? It looks damn perfect to me! Taco Bell AND Starbucks on the beach!?
BTW, brilliant as always.


This is freaking hilarious! It's cheered me up from a crappy night :D


Damn, and she has the filthy gas station bathroom. I know that's what really makes it feel like home. You go gurll.


Superbly clever. Keep up the great work!


Too funny! I think this is the perfect place for Ms. Spears. I especially enjoyed the Cheeto tree and taco fish...hopefully they will make it to the states someday. Thanks for the laughs.


What?! There's a fried chicken farm?! Lemme at her! LOLOLOL!



A rabid, drooling fan

She is going to stumble upon this and try to GoogleMap it.

"Ya'll know they got taco fish?!"

Fanny Pack

The fishy made out of ketchup packets is truly brilliant and the fish taco is making me hungry.


Oh I want to live there in paradise too!?!!!!


I wish we all have personalized islands like that!


14, your genius is worth waiting for! :)


I hope that if I plant a cheeto in the ground it'll bring forth a cheeto tree. In which case,I plan on having a farm of my own raising Southern Cheeto Trees overlooking a pond stocked with the delicious looking fish tacos.


I would buy your book too.


This is simply awesome!!

Bionic Squirrel


I think it's more likely that everyone would have to take off their underwear!!!

Music School

Its amazing and hilarious too.

Thanks for posting.


I would totally hide out in the Cheetoh Orchard until they dragged me out, all caked in fake bright orange cheese. This is seriously among my favorite things you've ever done, 14. Instead of leas when visitors land, do they have to put on thong undies?

Truly awesome!

Viper Tetsu

Jesus Christ covered in special sauce, this is brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, fucking brilliant. Brilliant.

Seriously. Brilliant.

Me speechless. And soiling pants from the yocks. And the Fruit of the Looms were new, too. Thanks.

Bionic Squirrel

You are freaking HILARIOUS. That is nothing other than sheer brilliance. You have to put out a book. A big, huge, hard-cover coffee-table book. Everyone would buy it. I'm serious. You'd make a mint.


Fantastic! I love the Food Court Reef.


You are hiliarious.


Those Yetchup fish!
What Mockazine said!
Oh wait, it's ok.
Brit Brit never gets custody.
Yetchup fish safe.


I first I thought, "The Island of Dr. Morose." Then I read your entry and it is fun and happy. Just look at the bliss on the face of the Britmunk as it chews a cheeto. The Cheesburger clams so happily nestled up to the Jumbo Fries Coral--I had never understood "happy as a clam" until I saw your picture. Best of all, the ketchup packet fish--I can just see Brittney's little boys laughing with glee as they stomp on them and sqirt each other with the innards.

Sweet Subversion

I love how the island is in the shape of a cheeto or is that a fried chicken tender?


Pure genius. You truly are the queen of lolz and detail!

Our Man Horn

Brilliant. Please sell this as a print or something. You deserve the $$.

Cris Melo

OMG...LOL! The reef is too hilarious. How do you imagine stuff like that??? :D

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