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awesome work A+ :)


why must we thrive on bringing others down?


Yuck! I'm going to see this nightmare creature in my dreams tonight.

But I think you've got it nailed down perfectly. This reality isn't too far off.


Oh my god oh my god!!!

It's incredible!

And her Magic Red String! LOL!

Fuck, you're amazing.


I can not stop....tears are streaming not only from your excellent rendition but the idea of things to come.


Oh come on...

this is the last time I peruse this site over dinner.

I'll use it as a weight loss supplement!

sweet subversion

Thanks Vern! The thought is sadistically comforting. Seriously. I hate to say it but I may breathe a sigh of relief when she croaks.

I just can't take it anymore.

You know, I do find it rather strange that this dominating woman managed to marry some of the MOST butch men.


You are a genius, 14! What will be on her tombstone, 'The Vadge that didn't stand the text of time?' *shudder*

As always, your colours are so beautiful!


Fantastic! That diastema gives her the Nosferatu look.




14 - again, you are a genius. Thank you for saying what nobody in mainstream media will say. Madonna, while still very attractive, needs to stop acting like she's still in her 20's. Yes, 50 is the new 40 and whatever, but some things need to stop at a certain point.


I sooo apreciate this. I have seen this soulless witch prance around on tv since I was a tot. I didn't hate her till more recently. I am fed up with seeing he fugly pointy nose snaggle teeth and pointy jaw and chin. She is so OLD and scraggly too. Sophia Loren is 74 and 1 million times looks sexier than this idiotic witch who peddles her "religion" which she is clearly profitting off of. The real Jews can't stand her. The Catholics were so happy they were finally be rid of her and her blatant disrespect. This woman is heartless and calculating. I hope some crazy Muslim extremist kills her. Yea, I am THAT fed up!


I used to think she was a legend in her own mind, but now I see she's a legend in her own behind.

And yet, I can't look away. It's the best parody of VADGE ever!

Snap your Kabala bracelet and relax! She's bound to croak before you are sitting around eating prunes!
It won't be a heart attack since she doesn't have one, but her ego might explode!

Sweet Subversion

Brilliant! Too bad I am eating as I look at it. The pics in the daily mail grossed me out. I have never thought she was attractive.

I said it once before, and I will say it again. I have had to look at the bitch's face every motherfucking day since she first appeared. I was 15 then and now I am 40.

This bitch is going nowhere people! NOWHERE! She's just getting warmed up. I am going to be sitting in a nursing home at age 90, wearing depends, and eating prunes while watching Madonna prance around half naked on the tube.

How the hell did she get custody of the fucking kids? Guy Ritchie deserves a gold medal.

I do give her points for openly fucking a 22 year old. At least that is something subversive.


Truly amazing, scary and awesome all at once. You captured her "look" perfectly down to her need-me eyes. Superb!


I LOVE this!!

Knox Bronson

Please ... this one hurts. If I start laughing, I will never stop.


THANK YOU! I have had enough of this delusional creature. Madonna is a gargoyle.

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