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Collectible Plates

That's what she looks like NOW!

Constructive criticism: needs a bigger gap in the teeth.

She could whistle through that thing!


HAHA that made me laugh SO hard I nearly snorted my water! Thank you!


This is marvelously drawn, you are so talented dear 14. Bravo!



Holy hell this is some funny shit! Both of these Madonna posts are (horrifyingly) accurate and hilarious.

Love ya.


I love Madonna and would love to look that good at that age but this made me laugh out loud. You are brilliant 14! :)

Viper Tetsu

Do you know who Dora Hall is? She was a sixty-something heiress to the Solo Cup fortune, and all through the seventies, she used her millions in an attempt to become a big music and TV star.

For years her records (demented Granny-goes-hip covers of The Stones' "Satisfaction" and "Hang On Sloopy" by the McCoys, among others) and Videotapes of her weird vanity-project TV shows were given away free with Solo Cup proofs of purchase. With her wan vanilla cotton candy matron hair and weathered benign-vulture beak, Dora was one unlikely and bizarre would-be pop star.

But you, Quatorze, have nailed one reality that galvanizes me to the core: Madonna looks a little like a young Dora Hall. And in this picture, Madge looks EXACTLY like frickin' Dora Hall as I know her. A skeezy, conceited Dora Hall. And The Material Matron's records have been making Dora's sound positively hip for the last decade-plus.

Of course, this is scary and horrific genius. I will dream dark and disturbing (liver-spotted) things tonight. Thanks.

Hell On Wheels


job nurse

But not for her!

Mike Wallster

Looking into the eyes of Madonna the Gorgon will turn thee to stone.


14 your work is so absolutely awesome! I love and it and enjoy it often! :)

I would say that yes Madge is gross and I don't like her...BUT I will say this: she gets points for trying to look younger (even though she takes it too far). I mean I hate the way old ladies jack their pants up under their boobs and get the awful, short, curly, sheep hairdo!!! Every one tries to look like the next person! It's SO boring and unattractive! I think it's important to be unique and not give a rats ass what others think! She is trying to be different. I will give her that much.

Super Cristal

my gosh...I can't believe you've only got 14 comments for this one... I've been watching your website for over a year(my first comment btw) .......and I absolutely LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!


My stomach hurts from laughing!

Shit! This is hilarious.

Take a bow because you, sir, are fantastic.


So horrifically bad, but so good at the same time. I can't look away - my retinas might never recover.


Oh! Now I know what I'm gonna be for Halloween this year! Thanks 14!


When money is your master, there is no such thing as dignity!

What a brilliant piece, 14!


I used to love Madonna, and sadly, she is becoming the perfect victim for your work, 14.

Madge, you're 50, not 25. Spare us the itty bitty undies, please!

sweet subversion

Jesus fucking penis! Barf! Blech! Wretch! Madonna is soo nast-ay!

I agree with Ellen and Red 100%.

Madonna is not aging well at all. She does not have the type of face that ages well. La tee tah. Whatever. You are too funny 14!

a rabid, drooling fan

The thigh ripples are what got me.

That, plus her sultry "come hither" stare. Why must you be burdened with such talent?


I gagged.. but I love love love this..awesome parody.


Now THATs a Quaker.


She looks like a cat about to clean herself. LOL, she is so nasty.


Bwaaaaaaaaaah! Looks JUST like her (30 years from now). There is such a thing as sexy at 50 (or beyond!) but Madonna's insistence on behaving like a 20-year-old vamp is downright silly. Have some dignity, Madge!!!


I'm afraid Madge may just turn out like that. EXACTLY like that.


Brilliant! Although I must say, I find Madonna and her crotch to be just as nauseating now as it will be in 30 years!


OMG! We seriously need to get your art onto cocktail napkins, mugs, and magnets. The world needs to see your art. My hubby laughed so hard at the Depends one. ha ha ha!

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