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Perfect. Dead on. She's such a sleaze bag!


LOL!!! Love it!!


Just another example of a disgusting creature using whatever means necessary to satisfy her selfish desires for attention. From plastic surgery to become someone she defines as significant, to acquiring an egotistical doctor in an effort to use her undeserved fertility to throw her into a lucrative limelight. With an obvious lack of consideration (let alone love) for the beautiful little creatures she brings into the world. Which will surely be abandoned be her as soon as they are not "needed" anymore.
I am sure us single mothers working fervently to stand on our feet, succeeding despite the challenges faced today and avoiding the impact against our community will, not be objects of admiration by this lecherous creature.
I will survive nonetheless and pray that this abomination of motherhood will not have a lasting impact on our impressionable youth looking to notoriety for solutions to their woes.
God bless the working mother and those that UnSelfishly give to their children without expecting recognition (though they deserve it)



it's amazing!

but it looks exactly like Cristina Kirchner (argentina's president) --->


this came out great!


This is GREAT! It is her! This life life cartoon of her helps some of us, like me, to deal with the sickness and anger I have towards this woman. And what about her poor mother?? Nadya has no respect for anyone! Her own mother she has hung out to dry, left her with a house in foreclosure as she gleefully heads off to a $564,000 !!! house. What about her mom and the debt she incurred? What about an investigation into her disability claim?? She should pay that money back, every penny! Why? Well she couldn't be very disabled with her back if she has carried 14 children since the "accident". And what about her lying on the birth certificates? It is unfortunate for these children that they have been born to a mother who deep down only cares about herself! Thank you for letting me get my frustration out!!

Bionic Squirrel

Sweet Jesus, you keep coming up with better and better stuff all the time. This is AMAZING!!! Absolutely hilarious. You are an absolute genius of modern art, dahling.

Jolie Rahn

Oh my Lord, you have nailed her to a tee! Awesome drawing!!


I laughed so hard, I peed my pants. GENUS. I loved the lips. You made my day. You should send a copy to Nadya.

Ron Gardner

fabulous artwork, with an iron-fist-in-velvet-glove your work and your site.

Joy Rohde

I love your depiction!

I was sort of picturing her as Norma Desmond:

"Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up!"


LoL, the nail, the lips.....absolutely spot on! Also the picture of Jolie is just perfect

Red AppleClover

Just heard Denny’s has a new “Octomom Grand Slam.”

It has one egg with 14 yolks, no sausage, and everyone else in the restaurant has to pay for it.


I wouldn't eat this calamari!

This campaign "People against Nadya" is outstanding.
"MADNESS as a form of EXISTENCE" seems to be one of the things
so many can still afford.
Anyway, you can read this post here on
"NADYA SULEMAN'S AMAZING FAMILY.Having 14 children. It's so much fun.It's 14 times more fun than just having one.Having 14 children. It's so much joy.It's 7 times more joy than having two you enjoy.If there's a hard work- we know us.Like the other hard work this too shall pass.Having 14 children. You might agree. It's almost 5 times more laughter than just having three.Having 14 children to open the door..."


Ahhaha... the French manicure is so hilarious.

And Joytou... I also cracked up at "her 50lbs of gelatinous front fanny".

Laura Mappin

I’ve been reading your blog for months now and have laughed so many times. But this Octomom – I just can’t stop thinking just how well you've captured the essence of this … this … event! I’ve been going on and on and on in my mind talking to you about just how good your work is – and I decided to at least leave you a few of these thoughts in a comment so you know.

Dr. L.

Perfect! Esp. the stretched, not pregnant belly.


The only way this could have been better would have been to include her 50lbs of gelatinous front fanny.


Fantastic! I wonder if there'll be copycat mommies out there...


*sigh* This woman...


I keep hearing the "Nanerpuss" song in my head as I look at this image.

The Celebrity Perfumery

This is awesome, I love her innocent vapid forehead!

The Rural

Once again you've managed to incorporate every hideous detail of a horrific story into a single perfect rendering.


Well captured. The worst part is that, the more successful her whoring of her children is, the more likely some other womb with a plan will try to outdo her.

Viper Tetsu

I needed a belly-laugh today like a Deadhead needs a primer-coated VW bus. And man, did you deliver. This love child of Clint Eastwood's buddy Clyde and H.R. Giger makes me giggle and grimace, all in glorious simultaneous time. Once more I burnest eucalyptus leaves in thy honor, Oracle of Snark.

Bonus points for the vile, membranous stretch marks, by the way.

The Mave

The wonderfully perceptive artistic genius strikes again! On point!!! All eight tentacles of em'!


Thank you for showing her "plunking" one of the kiddies with her nasty nail, when I saw her visiting-oops I mean exploiting the little meat pies in the incubators and she came at them with those talons my heart broke.

The Mohawk Chieftain

Yep, suckers... for sucking taxpayers dry. All you need now, is Salma Hayek waiting in the wings, to breastfeed the offspring, until they are old enough to get on the dole themselves.


You have captured the essense of her story as well as the subtle nuances.

I wonder how you would render the predatory invitro-doctor? Would he be a rabbit for frequent mating or a clown fish guarding a multitude of eggs?

Ga Fan in TN

Ha ha ha ha! I LOVE IT! Especially the nails! Thank you, 14! As always, you draw the truth!


You have perfectly captured her lovely Mommy calm yet the parasitic tentacles of her nature...I am cracking up!

Bob Lizarraga

HAHAHA great-- at least her ex-publicist closed down the website.


How about "Babyus collectiae Angeliniae Immitatornum" Or "Factory".


That? Awesome. You captured her perfectly, especially the vacant look in her eyes.


Disgustingly life-like. But hey, I take comfort in knowing that she is planning on supporting her children with her student loans. What a strategy!

Sweet Subversion

She grosses me out.

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