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dunia lizzeth chacon

i just want a oportunity to lear well because im interesting to be that and am jong :::::::::

Larz Blackman

Any man who has seen Eurotrip knows and loves that butt.


this reminds me of Latin America, cocaine, and the CIA. in that order.


Delicious. I don't know who Michelle Tracheotomy is, but from behind she's a perfect 10. In the drawing at least.

Viper Tetsu

Viva real-woman curves.


you know the old saying...... i hate to see you go, but i love to watch you walk away!!


Nice artistic style. I like.


I forgot to mention her nice upsidedown heart shaped butt. :)


Wow. That looks like my pre-college badunkadunk! Now it's a lot less filled out. Darn school and its stresses.:(


Nice waist hips and thighs though her calves arent as well definedas in the drawing. I tend to make ppeople look better than they do. Not my intention just what I am told by people I've drawn.


Damn straight.

Mrs Embers

Great drawing! I wish my butt looked like that. :)

Glorious Karl

Ladies, steer clear of Cosmo or wherever those bony women pictures are. Above are exhibits A and B of good figure.

Plus also:

The donut stole my heart.

Bionic Squirrel

Great illustration.

And great butt.


She was great in Six Feet Under.


Your pal is quite the artist. Thanks for sharing.

The Mave

Oh,.... "She be very, very fetching from the front angle too!"

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