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Could've made the nose even a tiny bit longer, but you captured the essence of this creature!


She is her father's daughter.


You are beyond awesome

Bionic Squirrel

Her weird boob job makes me shudder every time I see her. And that face ~ that face ~ gak, Bat Boy indeed! She's got big poached egg eyes like her deceased dog. The dog was way cuter though.

I absolutely LOVE the way you drew her monster teeth. Oh God that concave cleavage thing is making me retch again.

Viper Tetsu

The li'l nerd in me is just about to pee his nerd knee-pants over the fact that Ultraman and an honest-to-God Ultraman monster foe make cameos. Canonization proceedings are in order.

The hell with the razor-sharp celeb-snark wit and detail. You draw muthafuckin' ASS-KICKING monsters. Period.


I never cared for her but that bitchy remark about Dean'sex being older was uncalled for. Shemay be younger but looks far nastier than Mary Jo Eustace on her worst day. just imagine how fugly she will be at age 48. I am so disgusted this trash is breeding. Nasty ugly babies with shit morals, personalities.

granny panties

Loved this!!!! this is when i love your site!!!! my boy freind got me a subscription to us weekly for x-mas, if you dont read that alraedy, i bet you could get lots of inspiration from that rag!!!


Brilliant, now please do something w/ her leach of husband. What a gimp!

Andy Johnson

Someone gave me a link to your site. Really like your drawings. V. funny (even when I don't know who some of them are - I must get out more!)

best of luck,

Andy Johnson


I agree. As shocking as it might seem, she's less attractive in photos than in this fab illustration.

Sweet Subversion

The only thing I ever like her in was the House of Oh. I am sick of her huge face.


I agree with Vern, this portrayal has made her beautiful in comparison to herself.


Yea this bitch is fugly.


I hate to say this, but that Siriano dress she was wearing was just not fierce. Although she does look tranny. Only complaint about your illustration is that her boobs look too normal. In real life, they are not that symmetrical. They're even more lumpy and lopsided.

Oh, and I've heard rumor that for many years now a family of mexican immigrants have been safely hiding from the INS in her cleavage. Truth is stranger than fiction, people!


I'm laughing and cringing at the same time. She has always annoyed the hell out of me, now I know why, she's a human/scorpion hybrid! Nicely done, 14!


Um, I am of course referring to the original "bat boy" from "the weakly world news", not the cat or anyone's husband.
Carry on.

Lance  Von trachtenberg

Yikes!!! Scary Torpion! No one is safe in Beverly Hills. Run for your lives!


I'm amazed how you can capture the "Bat boy" essence of her face while still making her more attractive than she really is.
Every detail is rendered perfectly: from her mis-shapen cleavage, breasts and shoulders to the 70's flip of her hair!
I hope the little guy in the tank wins cause I am scared!


SWEET! Thanks for making my request come true. Illustrative talent + Observational snark / the square root of celebritards to the nth power = 14!!! You make magic happen :-)

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