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The Celebrity Perfumery

I've got blogger's fatigue too - great to see you're busy with all that exciting work! Keep it up!!

Sweet Subversion

So proud of you! Let Ted Casablanca show up!!!!!!!


love your stuff.


Love the glimpse into your studio! So fun to see your work space.

I look forward to your LA show. I'll definitely be there.



Can you believe your website has been blocked at my job? I'm so upset :-P Stop being so controversial and R-rated for crying out loud. lol.

Chaos by Design

Love the insight inot your studio and life

always makes me smile inside

what is the painting above the spectacular moth? ....Looks interesting


I'm thinking at this angle, Jocelyn actually looks kinda sexy.


Love love love your stuff. Good luck with the show. Any hope of getting an east coast show in the future?


J - I promise you my studio is as neat as a pig sty. I trip over things constantly and just did the dreaded "step on a tube of acrylic" move and watched it squeeze quinacridone violet all over the carpet. Don't be fooled by the propaganda photo I posted!

Vern - a glass of red wine? Try a bottle!

Lynnster - as long as I consider myself "an artist who blogs" instead of a "blogger", I'm okay with it.

Mave and Parker - THANK YOU!!


Parker Worth

Good luck on the show.


BTW, major points for poor little crabby peeping out from under her ass. :)


You've missed blogging, eh?

I think blogging is your Salami, that's what I think! Just sayin'...

The Mave

This show is gonna be GREAT!!!!


You call this a studio? Where is the glass of red wine?


I check your site on almost a daily basis to see what's new. Love your stuff and I also love seeing other artists studios! Thanks for posting this. By the way, your studio is not near as messy as mine is! I'm jealous that yours is so tidy.

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