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The Mohawk Chieftain



If he's not a movie villain, he should have been. The universe created him to fill a heretofore-existing void for melty old Teutonic men. Thanks to 14, I now have a new cast character for my nightmares....!


The dripping Karl is spot on! They won't have to embalm him when he's dead, he's already there!


Kate moss is working on a cook book. I wish I was joking, but it is the truth. And fact is stranger than fiction. Aside from that, you are an amazing artist. Keep up the wonderful work. XD

Bionic Squirrel

I especially love the dripping Karl.

Do keep us posted about your show! How exciting is that?!


Pro 14 / Anti monosyllabic descriptives.
xox Hearts and Kittens to Vern and GA Fan in TN xox Here's to massive success 14!!

Robert Finale

He looks exactly like the old announcer for Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Joel Godard.



I love eccentric elderly people too - Onkel Karl makes me swoon.


Sweet Subversion

Remember what I told you about Onkel Karl? I like him now. Totally dig the man. He rocks!


It's perfect!


the hairs sprouting from the hair like a fur... I love


Thanks for noticing! It's an honor to be called "bodaciously verbose" by you!

GA Fan In TN

"...exercising bodacious verbosity" ha ha ha ha ha! I love it, Red! Back to the subject at hand! 14! That's great about your show!!! How exciting! I hope you sell out of everything!!!

MJed Lance Von T

Judging by his outfit, Karl must be going through his Men in Black phase.


Sweet! I love it when an artist shows the finished piece along with the original sketch(es). :D

Viper Tetsu

He IS the great lost James Bond supervillain, brought to hand-wringing glorious life here. Brill, baby!


WOW! The Ten Dollar word of the day goes to Vern for the use of 'scrofula" in a sentence. Congrats for exercising bodacious verbosity. I'm loving it.


A solo show? How fantastic! Be sure and keep me posted with the details!!


Hee Hee! Even the diamond encrusted skull has the same loose-jowled scrofula!
Happy April Fool's day indeed!


Welcome back! What a perfect thing to obsess over. Reminds me of Dr. Henry Killinger and his magic murder bag (Go team Venture!)

The Mave

"Great & Hilarious as ALWAYS!" You really captured his whole vibe, look & speech pattern!,... (And I love neck ware & the drips at the bottom of the unfinished shot!).

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