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Cant' wait until you come to NY!!!!


If only I didn't live half way across the world.
So dark!


I am so pissed! The one weekend that we are away. If you could just change it to the following week :( I wish you the best at you show and would love to be there/here. :)


14, I have been a huge fan of your work for years. Congratulations on this show in LA. The LA kids will love and adore you and your art.

Any chance this might be happening in SF sometime soon as well? I will cross my fingers.

Sweet Subversion

Love ya' Vern! I know you know 14 is female.

Fredrick, you do know 14 is female? Just curious.

I drank a bottle of champagne last night in your honor 14.


Break Tori's leg instead. Then someone would have to put her down since you can't fix a broken leg on a horse... Uh..I think that was my 'outside' voice just now wasn't it?
Jeff is awesome too. The show is gonna rock!

MJed Lance Von T

Break a leg, 14! I know your show is gonna blow 'em away!

Knox Bronson

Well, I wish you all the success for your show! I wish I could be down there. Would love to meet Jeff, too. I'm sure it will be a great success. I'll be sure to plug on my facebook & myspace pages - have a bunch of friends down there! Have fun, darling!! xo nk p.s. can i plug my new site dedicated to my criminally insane cat, Baby.


Thank you thank you!

tala: The show is only up for 2 weeks. The wonderful gem of a gallery is closing after the show because some lingerie store bought the space. Just what LA needs - another lingerie store. Booo!


how long will your show be up? i might be down in LA (sadly not on opening night) but would love to swing by the gallery and finally see your work in person.

The Mave



AaiiiGGHHH Sweet Sub-
F-em if they can't take a joke!


Sweet Subversion:

Take a deeeeeeeeeeep breath. Exhale. Inhale...Exhaaaaaaaaaale.


Sweet Subversion

I wish I could be there. But I will we here, with the shit hitting the fan, reading some intense anxiety causing shit, and worrying about the intense anxiety causing shit I am reading, and worrying whether or not I will have enough time to make notes of the anxiety causing shit I am reading so I won't cause so much fucking anxiety.


I appreciate all your kind comments - thank you!

Many of you have become my friends over the years and I look forward to finally meeting face to face. I'm hoping the gallery will be serving champagne - clink!


Webmaster Pete

If I lived within 500 miles of LA I would go, but I'm more like 2,000 miles away - well, OK, it's still ALMOST worth it. Wish you great success, and I second 'Red' - PLEASE take lots of pics and post them for all your fans out there in the big wide world who can't make it.

Fanny Pack

I am moving mountains to be there. I know it will be wildly successful.


Oh Man... I'm so HAPPY you used that one as the card image!! Ahhahaahaha! One of my all time faves. This opening is going to be way too fun! I'm going to invite all my L.A. peeps right now, for to see all of your celebrity work together in one place will be AMAZING!


Boo! I won't get to see it in person but I hope you post pics. You will have great success, I feel it in mah bones! (I'm pretty sure that isn't a storm front coming. Nope, it's definitely massive success!!) Go 14!!


I wish I could be there! I hope it will be a great success.


Dear Sir,
I wish my brain was working better so I could send you a really COOOOOL message, but alas and alack, it is not.
So please accept my most heartfelt congratulations and wishes of the most supreme success and joy and happiness possible on your Art Happening. You are so talentedwonderful (yes, its a word, I made it up) you deserve all the many besteses!!!

the Wizard

Soooooooo happy to see that you'll be doing a show in Los Angeles! Hoping to be able to make it there to see your art "in person". Can't wait!!!

Karin Heckl

Wish I could make it to LA for your show. I know it will be a huge success. Who knew the curators in LA had such good taste?

Fredrik Sandebert

Dear Sir,

I regret to inform you that I won't be able to join the masses and enjoy your art show in person. However, I do wish you all the best; I am quite sure it will be a huge success! I trust this is a first, big step on your way of making it to the other side of the pond, to galleries ever so slightly closer to your European fans.


El Bastardo

Why do i have to be a zillion miles away ? Good luck with the show , of course it'll be a success ! :)


Congrats! May it go well!


Oh, how I wish I had the wherewithal to make it to LA for your show, 14!!! I will be with you in spirit. Am so excited for you and am happy to see you getting the recognition you so deserve. I don't know much about art shows, but it sounds like this is a really big one in terms of exposure, amount of pieces showcased, and in terms of you having creative control over what you exhibit. Kudos to you, 14! Love and Hugs, Jess


Wow! Seeing your work in the flesh! Congrats!!

Viper Tetsu

The Choicest Gossip-Fueled Art on the planet AND Polage's rubbery mug??! NO DAMN FAIR, Quatorze! NO DAMN FAIR!YAAAARGH!!Please tell me he'll be busting out his Jessica Simpson...And take pictures.

Congrats! May you take (quake?)Tinseltown by storm, Norm!

Chaos by Design

Sincere congratulations dear 14
LA shakes in anticipation

and even at that...does not do enough to greet you


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