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Duke Steele

Mustard on her thigh? No problem. Herpes love mustard.



Her puffy poontang is expecially wonderful. God how I wish I could be at your show.

Holly Howe

Good luck with the show - wish I was in Cali Cali and could check it out. I've scanned the article that I name-checked you in (from RWD) - you can view it here:

Carrie Burrows

I love this.


"Fresh off the Easel"???

It don't get no "Easelier" than her!
Ba dum shoo

If you'da said "fresh off a football team" or "fresh off the troop ships"
I coulda believed it, but I shudder to think of her perched on your easel!

Tonstant Weader

Good work, but where are Crabby and Stinkerbell?

El Bastardo

Gruesome. Wheres the crotchcrab salad? Pics better than the Atkins diet. She really is disgusting, yuk :)

Hell On Wheels

Holy Fuck!


Where are the crabs?

Viper Tetsu

I'll go Red one further and say: If that's American Royalty, let's sic fucking Madame DeFarge on her skanky ass.

Jesus Christ in 64 Brilliant Crayola Colors, it's e'en more glorious in its current Cinemascope splendor. The burger in particular could NOT be more gloppily, greasily vile. Bravissima!

Knox Bronson

excellent! as always!


Holy crabapple! I can access your site from work! Maybe they loosened the reigns on our office hall monitor/IT guy. Aaanyway, this is about you SO: LOVE the "man hands". She is nasty. If that's the closest thing we have to American Royalty, I want to hide.

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