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Yeah Karl who? Bear looks cool though all steiff bears are always very high quality and treasured by collectors.


Karl who?

Jessica Rowe

The teddy looks just like him, I would get one if I could just to have it.

teddy bear

Oh! I am little confuced with this Karl Lagerfeld's Leetle Teddy Bear.


Wow. $989.00 on sale from $1500.00. Still, I'd chip in some bones for the cause for 14 ;-)


I must admit I want one too. A friend of mine is in NY right now and saw it. He said it was adorable. I can't justify purchasing a teddy bear that costs almost as much as my mortgage payment. Le sigh.


Honey, buy a boy doll suit. Some black baby sun glasses. And a white bear. TA DA!!!! And presto...

MJed Lance Von T

Has this man ever looked at any of the pictures taken of him? Sadly, this picture is probably from Lagerfeld's PR dept., taken during a strategy meeting with a client. Just another day at the office! When you find one of these bears, tell me where to get one too.


Hahaha, I googled the Lagerfeld bear after reading this post and thought I found something that might interest you.
The bear is on sale on NM :D

MJed Lance Von T.

Has this man ever actually looked at the pictures taken of him? Sadly, this is probably a publicity still from Lagerfeld's PR dept, taken during a strategy meeting with a client. Just another day at the office!

CPT Willy

Ha ha ha ha ha. Very nice 14. I love zee leetle bear.


I propose a 14 Teddy Bear fund. Whose down for chipping in some scratch??


proceeds should go towards polar bears. or else............


You NEED this!


Since I hail from Vermont, home of the "teddy bear", I feel I have the authority to say:
That is one badass bear!!
If only Karl were so life-like.


I know. I was hoping it featured a pull string and would say stuff like:

"You are going out of zee haus wearing ZAT? For shame"

"Some people say to me you're too skinny, but never a skinny person says zat to me, only fat people says zees thing"


It would just sit there, telling you that you're too fat and too poor to matter as a human being.

Or am I confusing it with the real Karl Lagerfeld?

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