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"Please shove your concern up your humorless, condescending, scolding leftist arse, Frank."
LOL, Ditto Pete!


lol , I love this movie, What happend to John Silverman, he kinda disappeared. hmm
Two Voices Blog Crazy


My only beef is that you made Nancy a little too cute and cuddly.


Before long the Dems will have him annointed SAINT TEDDY


Anyone following this will get a huge kick out of the material at the this glorious spot on the web. It is just too much.


If Frank is your given name why do you post as George? And why can’t you remember which of you said what about a needle? Who blogs with their given name anyway? Moving on, I don't know how a person survives in "the arts" without the ability to perceive irony. It was a joke for cryin’ out loud. It was a “bit” about a type of moron not a particular one. Your names were merely props. There is a difference between making fun of “Frank (George) the socialist, finger-wagging, retired Canadian stage hand with a mediocre mind obsessed with alcoholic politicians and relatives living on America’s mid coast” and making fun of “people like Frank (George)”. There was nothing personal intended. But since you called me loony tunes and ugly I will address another point directly. You have again manifested as a cliche’. That of the typical elitist leftist with your assumption that you and your “PEERS” are somehow on some higher plane. And that the rest of us unwashed in the lower castes should not be heard from...

This is not going well is it? You’re going to get fired if you don’t get a handle on this situation.

In the tradition of my loony homey, Buggs,'t-I-a-stinkerBugs-Bunny-Looney-Tunes-

Webmaster Pete

"First, I am but 'ONE', count that, ONE very concerned citizen of the planet.."

Please shove your concern up your humorless, condescending, scolding leftist arse, Frank.


I like Ted Kennedy and appreciate what he did and tried to do for this country. I also think this is pretty funny and hey, my head didn't explode.

For purely selfish reasons, I hope something resembling Universal Healthcare is passed.


"A humorless, scolding, unapologetic leftist who absolutely must get the last word."

RC - Frank just proved your point with his latest (probably not last) comment.


To RC,
aka: BOL (Barrel Of Laughs)
and what do your initials stand for 'Republican-Counterproductive'???

Allright Guy or Gal... it's time to get serious, this situation is way out of hand and much worse than I thought.

First, I am but 'ONE', count that, ONE very concerned citizen of the planet, living North of our shared border having many American relatives in the Mid, East and West Coasts and I assure you without political or party affiliations.

Sorry there is no self-serving blog for you to link to.

My professional background has been in the 'ARTS' and have now some time to discover the HIGHs & LOWs that the Internet has to offer and I thought until recently that this site was one of the HIGHs.

The very few comments I have dared send forth to date were directed at 14, my 'PEER' and were not meant to get a rise from hateful, delusional, paranoid, schizoid FOXnoise droids such as yourself nor the usual suspects (and you all know who I'm talking about), the self-absorbed, Manson cult-like 'RA-RA-FOR-14' sorority.

I've learned my lesson and have just noted that one can correspond with '14' directly.

So 'BOL', for both your physical and most of all your mental well being, I strongly urge you again to remove that cumbersome needle from your arse and the tin foil hat from your head... you loonie tune. (it's a start, professional help may be out of the question in these difficult economic times)

Finally, for you and your like-minded 'Ugly Americans' down there, STOP THE MADNESS and hopefully the foreseen 'IMPLOSION' will be avoided.

YES, that's my given name, never hid behind initials or ridiculous names.


This is one of your very best pieces as of yet 14! I love it!! Seems this administration will stop at nothing in order to shove Obamacare down our throats no matter how many of us oppose it. How sad that now ol' Ted has been drug into the situation before his body has even had a chance to cool. Oh well, I guess that is politics as usual in DC. Though nothing seems to be too "usual" about this administration. Great work!


@ RC: LOL!!!


Well this is just too much to resist. George and the misquoted ghost of Shakespeare wish to discredit my account of their devious plan. Well, George, you can’t hide the obvious fact of your superior intellect behind inaccuracy and vagueness. I know you are Frank’s whip-cracking master propagandist. I know I have been reported. But before I end up on the enemies list could you tell me how much you pay? Is it piecework, hourly, or salary? Or is it just homework for your social justice class? Of course I jest! And isn’t that what 14's art is all about? That is the point determinedly missed by you blowhards. 14, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and a thousand others have been roasting morons like you and Frank (assuming you are different people) over their creative fires for hundreds of years. Sadly, to little apparent effect. Correction: We have been laughing at you for the entire duration which may be effect enough.

Morticia Graven Hearse

For those of you who have GRAVEly insulted the Senator's name and memory, may a Flock of Seagulls shit upon your respective graves in due time of course.


Glenn Maguire

Michael Jackson is still dead too, but that didn't stop the family from trotting out the by now, no-soft-tissue, ( or origonal parts, for that matter) corpse again today, for yet another crack at shameless huckstering to the media to milk another 15 minutes from the news cycle. It reminds me of what Colonel Parker said when told of Elvis' death, "Good career move". Anyone who thinks politics is not rife with celebrity targets is politically unaware. I say let teddy's corpse vote. Right on 14.
Let er rip.

marky mark

Those Kennedy funeral arrangements in full

Hearse carrying Edward Kennedy's body leaves the church to begin the three miles drive to the cemetery.

Hearse inexplicably speeds up in heavy fog as it approaches rickety bridge.

Hearse careers off the bridge and crashes into the icy water of the lake below.

Hearse driver panics and runs off.

Nine hours later.
Hearse driver turns up in Connecticut and Edward Kennedy's coffin is finally reported missing.



Thanks Vern! Great saying btw.

LOL, RC. Who knows.

I do and will continue to vote 14!


To RC:

"Surely you jest SIR!"

"Methinks thou doth protest too much!"

"May I suggest that thou removest ze needle from thine own ass!"

(on behalf of 'Franks' everywhere)


Dear Verniculi, Vernicula,

If fun is your game... then here... listen to this and pass it along to your mother in law:

Three Tenors in Concert 1994 - 'Funiculi, Funicula'

If salvation is your aim... then here... read this:

Say a prayer before sex
(A possible future idea for 'Fourteen 14' to contemplate on???)

Couples are being encouraged to pray together before sex in a new book published by prominent church group Catholic Truth Society.

PS: Red, your link to the 'douche vaginale' video, obviously does not apply, if you had gone with 'douche'*, then "TOUCHEE !!!" to you I would have responded.

*'douche' a pejorative term generally used for males only, that implies a variety of negative qualities, specifically arrogance and engaging in obnoxious and/or irritating actions WITHOUT MALICIOUS INTENT.


I really like the "Weekend at Teddy's" poster. I find it fascinating that you'll find a "Frank" posting on every blog in the world. A humorless, scolding, unapologetic leftist who absolutely must get the last word. If you read a blog on the Wall Street Journal, or MSN Money, or Yahoo Finance about railroad company stock "Frank" will be there correcting people and pumping out links to other chattering sources of the party line - facts and humor be damned. Seriously, check it out. Are all of these people sitting around in a big PAC warehouse spewing propaganda from little cubicles with a chief propagandist straw boss stolling up and down the isles urging several hundred "Franks" to blog for the revolution and passing out George Soros' money and motivational bumper stickers for meeting quota? Or are they just an unwitting army of unemployed losers with nothing better to do? Probably both but I imagine the latter to be less consistent. Frank is nothing if not determined. Frank may have earned the coveted "think globally act locally" for his Teddy support. I wonder how many other blogs he posted his hennish crap on?


Oh Joy and Rapture!!

I feel you baby!

I meant to thank you for sharing this fantastic idea with 14, I think we all agree she done it proud!!

Unfortunately, I have to say about you the same thing I say about my mother-in-law:

"You could take the fun out of f*cking."


Say you need a good scrub down, Frank? Be my guest.


Well this post certainly has brought out some of the finest people wouldn't you say, 14? Lol.


What Bionic Squirrel said. " Hi Vern!"


P. K. B.

'Red' - About Me
"I'm only awesome because of the people I know."
Location: 225 - A southern city in the United States.

After browsing your 'Blog' for a few uncomfortable moments and which seemed like an eternity, I am in desperate need of a good scrub down.

Let me try to convey my disgust in language you're familiar with:

That thang's bout as useful as teats on a boar and about as useful as gooseshit on a pumphandle, slicker than snot on a doorknob and like a cow pee'n on a flat rock!

You're madder than a wet hen.

Yankee Americans say a thunderstorm blew in,
but in the South we say - "It come up a bad cloud."

Bionic Squirrel

Le yawn. The comments are making me sleepy, in the way that screaming toddlers do.

Frank, please remember that you're a guest like the rest of us. There is no need for 14 to feel "SHAME!!!" This site is infamous for it's cutting edge satire. Take it for what it is... art. This piece wasn't your cup of tea? Wait for the next one. Or avoid the site. No need to rant. 14 is entitled to create what she likes, without people demanding her take on other topics (ie. death panels). Remember, she's doing this for her own (and our) enjoyment. Judging by your initial reaction, your nerve was the one that was struck. Just let it go.

Jim, you put it beautifully.

Vernilugosi, I choo-choo-choose you.


The dream shall never die.


"Bachmann: What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes.
('Red' take note!)"

Frank, get over yourself.


Fourteen, you're absolutely incredible. Never, ever, *ever* stop doing what you're doing, exactly as you feel like doing it.

The hit-and-miss value of political correctness is mostly limited to personal relationships, organized associations & professional interactions - people whom you're in direct contact with as part of everyday life. As an ingredient of equality and fairness, PC has its place.

But PC has *no* place in the mix of one's art or other creative self-expression.

Remember when Matthew Broderick's (Eugene Jerome's) journal is discovered, and read aloud to his boot camp platoon, in the Neil Simon play / film "Biloxi Blues"? Despite being suspected of homosexuality in Jerome's journal, his friend, Arnold, holds no grudge; rather, he urges Jerome not to compromise his writing by removing the honest, yet controversial pages:

"Once you start compromising your thoughts," Arnold says, "you're a candidate for mediocrity."

To create or express art according to a projected fear of how the piece will be interpreted is to work backward, at best. The artist may as well be putting someone else's words on the page, or letting someone else hold the brush.

Anyhow, it's not like you need to hear this from me, or anyone else, because you walk the effing walk with Bigfoot steps, each and every time you create.

I love your work, I'm amazed at your versatility, and I appreciate your making these pieces available on this site.


marky mark“

Harry Reid Master of subtle politics

Q: How will U.S. Sen. (Edward) Kennedy’s death affect things?

“A: I think it’s going to help us.”

RE "I like dipping my toe in the fetid water of politics occasionally and will likely continue. Democrats, Republicans, it makes no difference as long as absurdity is present....and it usually is."

Absolutely! Politics needs 14!

Viper Tetsu

The first thought to dance 'round my head upon seeing this(after the uncontrolled giggle-spasms, of course) was how many knickers would be crocheted into knots over it.

Three words, folks: Reid and Pelosi. It's what Reid and Pelosi are doing that gave loud breach-birth to this piece, dammit. THAT is the object of the jibes here.

This is sharp--major pointy-cutty-sharp--political satire. And boundary-pushing as it is (push away, Genius Dame!), it coulda been much more tasteless.


Thanks everyone!

All comments and opinions are welcome here and I knew using a recently deceased sacred cow of American politics would raise fur, so I was prepared. Besides, these comments are nowhere near as scathing and vicious as the ones the Brangaloonies leave each time I post anything having to do with Angelina Jolie.

I like dipping my toe in the fetid water of politics occasionally and will likely continue. Democrats, Republicans, it makes no difference as long as absurdity is present....and it usually is.

Yes, I agree it's not one of my more tasteful pieces, but it does illustrate the way people are using TK's death to advance their own causes. THANK YOU CANDY for the Levi's link. My point is made.



Gawd, I'm getting simple! When I read Candy's reference to Levi's I thought of little Palin's baby daddy, not the blue jean! I'm glad I checked the link. It was so heartfelt!


Bring back celebrities skewering.
Easier targets and oh so much more fun.

It's so true about threading lightly when dealing with Politics and Religion.

Have I hit some raw nerves???

I have said all that needs to be said and I stand by it.

Perhaps I'll contribute future comments when I see 'Fourteen 14' leveling the playing field.

Let's see what her take is on the likes of Newt Gingrich with Sarah Palin's 'Death Panels', illustrating their skewered outlook on Health Care Reform with the 1976 film 'LOGAN'S RUN'.

Oh and talk about an easy target...what about that Psycho Michelle Bachmann and her 'Covenant To Slit Our Wrists':

Bachmann: What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes.
('Red' take note!)

Until Then, Forget what crazy Michelle said.
Stay Healthy and Remember Prevention is the Best Medicine.

PS: Putting aside our emotions, and remembering that 'information is power' let's all read what Jacob Hacker, Godfather of the Public Option has to say:

Health Care Reform 2009

MJed Lance Von T.

Holy smokes, 14. It seems as though a 9 rounder has kicked of on your comments page since I last had the pleasure of visiting your site. Jeez, these people seem angry, and all over a picture (albeit another stroke of your genius hand). Reading the comments on this page, I was amazed at how the slightest mention of politics evokes such a strong response among a populace with the lowest voting records per capita in the free world. Not that I'm intimating that any of the posters on this page are not performing their public duties on the second tuesday of each November in an election year, but I do have to ask-Where is all this passion come voting day? Ah well, such is life. Keep rockin' 14!


This should help remove all doubt on who the real cohorts are regarding this latest tacky push for "Chappaquiddicare".


And it's not just congressmen. Levi's didn't miss a beat either:

Kennedy for Levi's

"Quality never goes out of style. Nor does exploiting the deceased!"


Frankly, I'm baffled! There hasn't been this much white-washing of a public figure, since, well, Michael Jackson died! (Homocide, really? *drug addict* cough! cough!)
Far as I remember, there were plenty of opportunities over the years for Teddy to do some 'splaining'. Now, at his death, he is being called 'the greatest Kennedy'. Pretty sure the sheer virtue of breathing gave him the strongest advantage in that race.
To find him suddenly deified is fascinating. To find him deified by one so judgemental,is astounding!
To find him as the impetus for such a biting political piece is delicious!
Thank you 14 for this tasty treat!


I disagree with Wikipedia dubbing Kennedy's drunk-driving and negligent homicide of Mary Jo "an incident". Talk about sugar-coating. And it was also a 'tragic accident" for which he never copped to. He used his power, money and family ties to avoid dealing with it. But that's not the point.

And a "thank you" to Mockazine who gets it.

Frank, if you would remove emotion from the equation you will see that the real targets on this post are Pelosi and Reid.

Do you think it's okay for Pelosi, Reid and everyone else, to launch an effort to force the passage of nationalized health care legislation that is deeply flawed and refuted by a majority of working-class Americans? I don't. I think this is still supposed to be a country that is run by the people for the people and not a country run by an elitist minority ruling against the majority who actually keep this place running. Then again, this is all just opinion.


Well Frank if you're done handing out the "shame-on-you" cards and empty TK rhetoric (words he lived by of course)you may note that Pelosi, Reid, the DNC, and the now deceased TK are/were the real criminals here. You really believe TK was lobbying for 'the great unwashed' to have access to the same health care he enjoyed? Pelosi and Reid wanting to ride the coat tails of his passing (tacky and morbid), pushing for a bill that will be signed by a Congress who has admittedly not even read the entire thing, supported by a president who smokes like a chimney, paid for by a country with no money, exempting those who would push to have this passed (members of Congress) on behalf of the good of the public? That's good kool-aid dude.

You really think someone like TK coming from his background and upbringing ever gave a damn about any one of us voters? Please. Let's refrain from beatification. He left it up to the voters as to whether or not to do "the honorable thing' of stepping down from his Senate position after Chappaquiddick—a character defining moment to be sure. Being allowed to plead guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, not vehicular manslaughter or drunk-driving,or negligent homicide. If he would have manned up and copped to and served his time and made amends the right way instead of the "Kennedy way" you might be seeing more respect for the dead.
I wrote it before and I'll write it again, "Mary Jo Kopechne is unavailable for comment".


This goes to 'Red' and her like minded cohorts.

I am not in any way a Kennedy apologist (talk about the sins of the Father - Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.), nor am I an American, BUT COME ON...GIVE IT A REST!!!

(Murder, as defined in common law countries, is the unlawful killing of another human being with intent or malice aforethought).

For those to young to remember go here:

The term 'Chappaquiddick incident' is a euphemism referring to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne in which Senator Ted Kennedy was involved.

FINALLY... let's judge him Not In Part But The Whole!


Frank and Ella, the satire seems aimed less at Kennedy and more at the politicians running about trumpeting his name for their own political gain. I think political gamesmanship with a dead man's legacy is more acrid, putrid, and offensive than the artwork that brings it to light.


Sad Tidings Fourteen 14,

As for me, your latest effort gives off a rather acrid, pungent and putrid smell.

What is it that you and 'red' (your partner in crime), fail to understand about:

In your sidebar, I'm surprised I don't see as yet a 'Google' ads list of leading Health Insurance Companies across the US.


"For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die"
(addressing the Democratic National Convention after pulling out of the presidential race, August 1980)
“This debate is about making sure patients get the protections they deserve, ... It's about whether we are going to stop HMOs from making medical decisions.”

"What we have in the United States is not so much a health-care system as a disease-care system"
(on health care reform for which he campaigned throughout his life, 1994)

- Ted Kennedy quotes


Ella could ask Mary Jo Kopechne what she thinks is slightly offensive, but wait...She's unavailable for comment.

Mockazine: Brilliant.


tee hee (^O^)


This is tooo cool! Teddy still gets to vote AND he's a shoo-in for "Dancing with the stars!"


I find this artwork distasteful. I have been a fan of your work, especially satire and politics but I think this is inappropriate. Maybe waiting another few weeks would have felt slightly less offensive.


Kennedy stiffens his position on universal healthcare. Opponents say he is oddly cold and quiet at negotiating table . . .


Hehehe ... good one ... but it's hard to separate the living from the dead here ...


Holy Habeus Corpus Batman! So awesome! I just passed along a hint. You executed with aplomb :-D Best. Snark. Evah! Mad, mad props

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