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That's the most beautiful I've seen Madonna look in years. Seriously. I love Kipling West's style. This is like something out of a nightmare, but lovely all the same.


I think I am in love. Not with ropey arms. with you.

sweet subversion

I love how her pelvic chakra is causing mass destruction.

When I looked at the photo, my Parisian omelette almost landed on my computer screen.


I am glad that the necklace was clarified; for a minute, I thought that Madonna was worshipping Octo-Mom.


Welcome to awesome, sedthh ;-)


I just found this blog and I find it awesome

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The photos no doubt are alarming (photoshop?)

Kipling West's inspired interpretation though brought only music to my ears by reminding of 'These Eyes' by The Guess Who.

These eyes are crying
These eyes have seen a lot of loves
But they're never gonna see another one like I had with you

These eyes cry every night for you
These arms, these arms long to hold, hold you again

Madonna's ode to Keith Haring perhaps???


Lol! This sh#t writes itself!

Bionic Squirrel

I like the flaming crotch area. Great illustration... a really interesting idea.

Madonna always said that she feels her purpose is to "make people think". That she does!

Viper Tetsu

With this portrait, Kip West has rendered Madonna more alien-beautiful and physically interesting than she's ever been.

Sad and beautiful.


The Daily Mail is known to digitally manipulate photos (see Photoshop Disasters for numerous examples). Who knows if that picture was even realistic?


a boiled frog!!!

I love you Red!



If she wants gross veiny arms, that's on her. I'm thinking Guy Richie probably appreciates a woman with softer curves by now after years of going to bed with a boiled frog.

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