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vitamin c

okay miley get in the line and WOW you a pretty late bcause rob doesn't need ur love he already haVE half of the women in america throwing themselves at him and MILEY WHAT CAN I SAY ABOUT U LITTLE POLE DANCING IN THE TCA ”TRASHY VERY VERY TRASHY” ppl don't b shock when the sex tape comes out it will only b in a matter of time.


Nasty filthy skanktress.


so true


eewww miley is sooo ugly and gross!!!!!!!!!!!! no wonder she can onli attract old filthy perverts cos even chris brown called her ugly ew ew ew shes soo gross n her family r sooo warped and weird id be soo scared go to ma webby


I have to snicker at the "cherry" reference! As if! I wish she would just go away...she is not in any way, shape or form a role model for any young girl. Her parents are also no role models (as parents).

El B

Hahaha! Yucky old men! Damn, i'm sick of this twat....shes eveywhere!
Great pic as usual of an overhyped idiot.


Nat you got to be kidding me! I enjoyed watching her show before. I haven't in a year or so since I ammore of a gamer anyway. But I just feel guilty judging someone so harrshly who hasn't reached 18 yet. Blame her dad. He has cheated on his wives before. He isn't exactly a model dad. He needs to stop acting like her best bud.

The Mave

Just noticed the teeny-tiny cameltoe. Nice touch!



What's with all the 'Google ADS' on the sidebar??????????

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What happened to your (my perceived) HIGHER MORAL GROUND????


Psychochick must be a 14 year old Miley fanatic to say the pole was just for balance, and that it wasn't used as a stripper pole. We all know what it is, and the picture that 14 painted of her doing a crotch squat (which is a typical pole dancing move) is simply a copy of what Miley is really doing-watch the video. Most of us here dislike the hypocrisy of this "Christian" family, and we don't want the pedophiles being catered to. I wonder what she'll do to up the ante next? I hate to think.


Maybe it'sthat I just view Miley as a little girl and not a sex object, so I don't see it. I think that male stalker is so creepy and gross. She seems to be attracting the wrong kind of attention by the wrong kind of people. I think Miley sees sex symbols like Jessica Alba and Megan Fox and wants to emulate them. Alot of little girls dream of being sexy or desirable like the models and actresses they see without underdstanding the consequences or the unwanted attention it will bring. Miley is only 16. I am not saying what she does is okay, but at this age she is more than likely doing what she is told by promoters, etc. I just feel being at the center of it all she is being told alot of things by alot of different people and like other girls her age she is getting and giving mixed messages. I am sure she means what she says when she says it, but teenagers can be fickle and flaky in their choices. If I were in her shoes, I would be criticized too. And whenI was her age I don't thinkI could have handled it.

Webmaster Pete

Candy almost stole my Fab-U-Luuussss idea - A new Disney movie starring Miley called 'The Cross and the Camel Toe'. It's about decadence and redemption and pedophilia. Mostly pedophilia ... and camel toes.
P.S. PsychoChick, surely you jest. The pole is for balance? There is room for interpretation in everything, but I think they knew how this would be interpreted by many, if not most people who saw it - and they were OK with it. Just another aging tweeny 'pop sensation' attempting to extend their fame far beyond their meager talents by slutting it up to grab any attention they can. There are THOUSANDS of much better singers (AND much better strippers come-to-think-of-it).


Love how you captured that she's always wearing a cross. (So pious, that Miley.) Crosses and camel toes: the hottest accessories among the tween set!

Judgmental Commenter

"I object... must be a case of blocked tubes."
Ron Jeremy?????

It's more a composite of Juan Valdez's brother Carlos, the one with the pituitary gland disorder and terrorist Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.

To all Commenters, for a self-deprecating laugh,
go here:

Comic Confrontations:
Judge Judy Vs. Internet Commenters
By Tracie

Depending on the site, internet commenters can be hurtful, stupid, racist, sexist, and homophobic. Oh, and they can't spell for shit. The worst is that they're so judgmental. So it's time for them to face the judge - Judge Judy.


IT'S 'KILLJOY'......I'm back trying to redeem points by bringing you all some cheer with the following video:

Nude Pole Dancing In New York Subway.
Pole dancing in the subway and towing a stripper pole around town. CNN's Jeanne Moos covers the bare essentials.


Additional Evidence of CNN's Spectacular Demise???


I think the focal point was she was dancing on an ice cream cart. The pole was probably there so she wouldn't fall of during its being rolled around. She didn't use it as a stripper pole. The video showed her using it for balace. I think this is a funny depiction of people making something out of nothing. Her Myspace photos were tasteless and dumb. She was copying her friends who do the same. If she wasn't famous,no one would care.


I have to say, 'Vernifilopia' is the funniest thing I've been called in a long time, and, that's saying something, because, for some reason, I get called all kinds of things.
I am muy el-impressed with your el-imaginarium!
And, I do concur that 14's 'young cherry' line was the perfect topping on a genius confection, where she even managed to include Ron Jeremy!
Yours until Miley sings a duet with Elvis,

PS: Frank! Don't even pretend that you wouldn't look fabulous in that 'tangerine dream'!!! You know you would!


I just read a comment trying to justify pole dancing as an art form.

No wonder Miley's dancing with a pole, she must be an artist!


Greetings Fourteen 14,

I see you've hit your 'prey' with devastating precision yet again.

In your background though, someone is missing........Walt Disney turning in his cryonic chamber or traditional grave.

On a more serious note though, call me superstitious for believing in the 'Hillbilly Curse', but after reading about Annie Leibovitz financial woes, I'm deeply concerned about yours.

Disney child star upset over Vanity Fair pictures

A row has broken out over a Vanity Fair photoshoot showing a partially dressed Miley Cyrus, the 15-year-old star of Disney hit TV show Hannah Montana.

Disney has moved to protect the squeaky-clean image of one its most bankable stars, accusing the magazine of creating a situation "to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines".

Cyrus, the daughter of singer Billy Ray Cyrus, has also moved to distance herself from the images.

SO take care and remember a curse only has as much power as you give it.

If it's difficult for you to consult a local 'Shaman', don't lose faith, clear your mind of all negative energy, just move on and continue to do what you always do best.

Peace, applesauce, tapioca and tangerine dreams,
as my new cyberfriend Vern would say.

Bionic Squirrel


Yes, I think you're right about the Killjoy factor. But FJL became so focused on the pole that the underaged paedophile's dream point seemed to fly right past him/her. I thought the "New Flavor! Young Cherry!" was an excellent touch on 14's part.

Yours 'til the farm animals go joyriding on tractors,


Demon Kitty ~ It can't be Adam. He didn't write nearly enough. And it didn't have that bizarre otherworldly multiple drug-referenced IQ of 87,355 that is so often the fingerprint of Adam.


I am so out of touch. Can someone please e'splain to me why she is popular? Than again, that opens a pandora's box of why (insert fuaxceleb's name here) is popular. People need to be just a little more choosey.


I'd have to say that I'm conflicted over what bothers me more

a) her gawd-awful voice

b) priming her for the pole

c) her gawd-awful voice

Can't wait until you paint her gas-station cheeto-stained portrait, 14!

Buy medication online

Well, I have nothing to say I just like the camel toe drawing,...Is that the actual pic?


Ever since I read a movie review that referred to Miley Cyrus' face as "a camel-like muzzle" I have been hoping you'd draw her. You got the camel part down... just, well, in a different place. for the review.


Bionic Rocky,
I'm not sure about missing the point, but I would suggest FJL has a touch of killjoy around the edges.
Peace and Tapioca,

PS: I think this is one of your best fowertween! On so many levels!

sweet subversion


Is that you Adam Smith, is it YOU????????!!!!!!!!!!!

Demon Kitty

Bionic Squirrel

I'm wondering if FJL missed the point completely...


Ick! This makes me feel like I need a serious shower.


She and her family are seriously gross and warped. I thought her 15 minutes expired already.



Pole dancing is a form of performing art, a combination of dancing and gymnastics, now regarded as a recognized form of exercise and can be used as both an aerobic and anaerobic workout. Recognized schools and qualifications are being developed as pole dancing increases in popularity, with the overall sex appeal toned down.

College students 'bump n grind' with stripper poles

Summer is fast coming to end, and it's the time of year when our nation's youth begin heading back to college with a packing list that most likely includes the usual items — laptops, iPods, backpacks.

Now one company wants our best and brightest to bring one more thing back to school: A portable stripper pole.

Long standard equipment at naughty nightspots across the country, stripper poles lately have become somewhat of celebrity fitness fad, with the likes of Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra installing them in their Hollywood homes.

Now a Fresno, Calif.-based company called Lil' Mynx is marketing their line of adult entertainment accessories to college students for installation in their dorm rooms and frat houses.

They claim business is booming for the poles, which sell for $299 each.

What's more, company founder Randy Blacker says that his stripper poles aren't just for kinky coeds. "We've sold [them] to quite a few guys that use it for triatholon training because it's a good core-body strength builder," he told MSNBC this week.

"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between."
- Oscar Wilde, Irish dramatist, novelist, & poet (1854 - 1900)

45-year-old Andrew Katzander said: “We’re taking pole dancing to the streets.”


Knox Bronson

I sometimes worry about the final disposition of your immortal soul.


This is why wild animals eat their young, because sometimes the species needs to be protected from genetic mutations like these. :)


Let me clarify that statement, I am of course referring to Papa Joe Simpson. Papa Joe Jackson has it under control.


Methinks Papa Joe could learn a few things from Billy Ray.


Good Heavens ... it's a Miley Cyrus cameltoe. Might anyone one have a melon baller I could borrow so that I might gouge out my eyes?

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