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8gb pro duo

Dude you do not know WTF you are talking about, he has money of his own to make movies if he wants to how the fuck did you think the passion was made.. and he does get movies Edge of darkness.

Viper Tetsu

If I win the lottery, I'll bankroll your script in a NY minute, Dear Quatorze.

Still hyp-MO-tized by the Immortal Anti-Semite-Devil Mel,though,so I ponder--Where is Puppet Mel's Puppet Finger Wart?

Vern, you is splitting my sides...


That's fun!
The beaver face.


Riggs! What happened to you? I'm getting too old for this sh#t.

The Mave

"The Man Without A Beaver (In His) Face!"


"What Beavers want" is technically redundant.
It's not a tooomah! It's a puppet! Truly, it is.
14, you're a rockstar!


Damn yeah!


I think Triumph the Insult Comic Dog should get his own movie. Once again, brilliant art...


Vern, you inspired me. I say it should be called

Lethal Beaver

or Mad Beaver

MJed Lance Von T.

I'd be willing to bet any amount of money that your genious slant on the story has (sadly)already been pitched from a serious angle to the suits over at Warner Brothers by the Road Warrior himself, most likely during the flailings of a Red Bull and vodka stupor. I can just imagine the story idea taking shape amidst incoherent rants and wildly inapropriate racial slurs while everyone else in the room sits wild eyed as if they just witnessed the office drunk burn down the tree at the company Christmas party. Must've been a great meeting. You're the best, 14. Keep it up!


Nuts! I forgot the 'n'


Gosh, I think I'm blushing from your sugar...
Or, it might be from the Gibsons or
"Tequila Beaver"
that I'm imbibing, either way, I'm DAMN Bucked up to be your Puppet!!!
Many loves,


that's one ugly and 'ham-fisted' beaver,
I'll give you cultured though.

The Mave



Not to be disrespectful but what about:

'The Passion of the Beaver'


VERN! You are killing me!
Year of Living Beaverously.
I adore you.



Oh! How could I forget:
"Leave it to Beaver"


I'm F*cking Dying!!!!!!

Could we call it:
"My man Gibson"
"Lethal Gibson"
"What Beavers want"
"Man without a Beaver"
"Year of living Beaverously"

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