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Matt Huston

I almost feel sorry for Madonna. She constantly has to deal with what everyone says about her. If anyone else was in her shoes they would be doing the same thing. She has a image to live up to and that is of a Pop Icon! Just do your thing Madonna, what ever makes you happy!
Sincerely, Matt Huston

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Madonna needs to be care full that she does not over do it with her anti aging surgery's. It could make her very sick or could cause death. Look at what happened to Mr. west and his mom. Surgery is not always that safe. I hope Madonna will stop eventually.

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Celebritys should get over being bothered by the tabloids. Its a part of there life and thats what you get for being famous. If anything they help them make them more money by getting them exposure so why complain really?

TW Jackson

Is it really neccessary to bash a icon. I mean just let her be. Plus if she wants to continue to make a lot of money she has to continue to look good right? No, i am sure she is just trying to keep a good public image.

sweet subversion

I never did like Madonna ...

Silas McGowen

This tabloid is different from you how, exactly?

Simon John Cox

The Daily Mail is an odd paper. It exists in a fictional version of the 1950s of its own creation, and sees no hypocrisy in decrying paedophiles on one page and then showing a celebrity's 15-year-old daughter in a bikini on the next. Best ignored altogether, I think.


In my opinion, she's asking for it. She's so determined to remain famous that she refuses to allow herself to age, perpetually freezing her face and over-sculpting her body.


did you ever notice how some people are hyper-critical of celebrities? but they look like crap? it just looks like jealousy and bitterness to me. the thing is if everyone had the ability to use cosmetic procedures, then most would. just a bunch of haters. this falls under the ever popular jolie-aniston fan fight. never graduated from high school thinking.

joe to hell



I Love Madonna but I am concerned that she is so afraid of getting old, that when her body can't handle it she would just collapse on us.
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MJed Lance Von T.

Couldn't agree with you more on this, 14. It seems as though some of these targeted celebs can't even take a breath without some tabloid style media outlet being right up in their face when they exhale. I'm not on some crusade to protect the celeb communuty, as I really don't care what these people are up to when they're off the film-recording studio clock, but I've got to say that its a tough road to hoe in the public spotlight. I'm not too vexed by what these people are saying about The Material Girl, however. Those of us who grew up during her iconic heyday know that she can chew this stuff up up and turn it to her advantage. Another great image from you, 14! I'm looking forward to the rest of the novel.

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