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Bionic Squirrel

Was it Anderson Cooper who can be quoted as saying that "Heidi and Spencer represent everything that is wrong with America"? She is one messed up girl. She wears her unhappiness like a big pink plastic badge.


Wow! That music was right on the money! How did you get inside Heidi's head?

Wonderfully interpreted sili-marblees too!


Oh Dear Bod! 14, you are FANTASTIC (as always)and "Hide Ye (Sili)Con"tag is just Plas-spastic".


Ha Viper!
I knew you had a pair! *growl*

Viper Tetsu

Vern, my cherry-licorace assless chaps salute you!

sweet subversion

Hey 14! I didn't think you were still doing this!!!
I played "Eat the Panties off Me" - your sample and my cat, Racootsie got really, really upset. I am too tipsy to write and write this properly. Long day ...


Viper! Hooray for the successful brainstorming!
"dear Christ in cherry-licorace assless chaps" is the best synonym for 'comic-genius' that I've ever heard.
My pontoons salute you!

Viper Tetsu, pointing so firmly and resolutely outward yet so fucking asymmetrically crooked, represent the most rapier-sharp symbolism for what this deluded young woman's doing to herself. Currently brainstorming an as-of-yet-unused synonym for 'comic genius'.

Am I a traitor to my sex for not finding her lacquered synthetic pontoons the least bit appealing? Dear Christ in cherry-licorace assless chaps, I hope not.


I am deeply freaked out by those pencil-eraser nipples. It's just one of my private squicks...ew ew ew.

hOOly cross

whOOa!!!... lOOK at those puppies... what a hOOt... each one a dOOuble hander.

Putting aside the profane and dwell on the sacred, I understand now your use of the crucifix, this from Wikipedia:

Montag and Pratt married a second time on April 25, 2009 in Pasadena, California. The two have three puppies, Dolly, Ninja, and Rambo. Montag has publicly self-identified as Christian.


I suppose we should count our blessings that her parents didn't name her Veronica because I'm not sure she can count that high.

Really nicely done, 14. Funny and skewerific!


Oh, hell. I just sat here and chortled myself silly. No- that is a lie. I laughed loud and long. Truly she makes Paris seem mature, sophisticated, and--oddly--philanthropic? Weird. God bless you, 14, and thank you Heidi for existing.

The Mave

"Genuine Simulated Marble" & "Eat My Panties Off!"


The Mave

Never in this deluded woman's life, will she ever even come close to being one-eighth as appealing as this great artistic rendering you've done of her BIG-FAKE-LADYLUMPS!
As for that music sample included,.... "Instant GOTA Classic material!!! "Bigger than Thriller?" "Ha!","Sha-Moan!!"

That little Joan Rivers Plastic-Gnome endorsement at the top left is hilarious too!

Absolutely Hilarious!!!!

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