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Viper Tetsu

Please for the love of Moses in leather with a ball gag in his mouth, would someone put a cork in this simpering milksop's piehole? No, wait. Don't. If it inspires art (with a capitalARRRRRRRRRRR!)this sublime,maybe he should keep gum-flapping.

Hosannas for you, Genius Girl.

Bionic Squirrel

That expression is perfect. It's too bad that he doesn't just stick to his music and otherwise STFU.


I like how her mouth and his mouth look almost exactly the same.
Why is this guy famous again? Did he have a hit song or something? Or is he some kind of Divine Punishment raining down on us? Because whatever it was that we did, we ALL apologize.


OMG! I have to visit more often! It's been awhile. :) Excellent job as always. Since hearing about John's latest "waxing poetic." I'm now convinced that he is the "db" many see him as.


John Mayer is so lame, he looks disgusting and the only reason his music is popular is because lots of women think his music is "sensitive" and "earthy" when John himself is the exact opposite.


This is a nice break from my tax exam. He's got, "i love to include shit in my sexual acts" written all over his face. The douche bag of douce bags.

zippity doo dah

One possible explanation for this fool's unfiltered verbal diarrhea... BLAME HIS TATTOO ARTIST(s):

Tattooing is a trend that has been "in style" for years. But like everything, it has it's dangers. Some of the risk involved with tattooing are HIV, Tuberculosis, and Hepatitus B. These diseases are highly contagious through contact with blood. It is important that people choose tattoo artist who properly sterlize their equipment. The American Academy of Dermatology says that non-sterile tattooing practices have also led to the transmission of Syphilis.


Oh I would DEF see him in concert and stand in the very front just WAITING for him to unleash his idiocy. Camera and sketchbook would be at the ready.


ps: and I am no genius, I just like laughing at preposterous things : )


you're genius. does this mean you won't be going to see him in concert?

Borat Sagdiyev

We say in Kazakhstan, a man who goes to power, must have a big... How you say... Khram?

Is nice... Is a good, but I have... seen bigger.


I'm definitely a hater but I love this rendition. It makes me happy to see so many other people can't stand him either.


Your Jessica Simpsons are always, always hysterical!


I'm surprised you gave him time on GOTA. He doesn't deserve it, the creep.


Mave - That's what I heard, but it could be rumor and speculation.
Winnersusedrugs - I love you too!


The Mave

John Mayer's a musician??? Damn, Who Knew?!?


I am swooning over your "Sexual Napalm"!!!!

Reminds me of that old Woody Allen joke:
(slightly paraphrased)

"Those that CAN-DO. Those that CAN'T-TWEET"


God I hate John Mayer. And love you.

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