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Rammstein got all sorts of stick for shooting a porn music least they were intentionally being funny. These other celebrities are just kinda sad.
The art here is of higher quality than the weird celeb lives portrayed, congrats to both of you! I need to go soak my brain in vodka now to get it clean again.

Viper Tetsu

scary video of skeezy C-listers copulating like bunnies: $29.95.

Tiger Woods Skank Calendar: $12.95.

Text and Illos: Muthafuckin. Priceless.

Frazier, you have captured Durst's dead-carp mouth most splendiferously. Bless you.

Bionic Squirrel

The image of David Gest with the cougar will haunt me forever. Nice artwork, CF, and great Photoshoppin' and commentary, 14! Tila's face made me laugh. That was a great collaboration.


El Bastardo! Great to hear from you again. I still enjoy your (and Vern's too) captions from "Caption This" over at Dlisted. Thanks for coming by!



Did James Cameron direct these, to?

El B

Fantabulous as per usual. Tilas face is so perfect! Hahahahaha! Cannot wait to see these sex tapes now.....NOT!
My fav site.


This is awesome. It made my day.

WE are not amused

Holy Church of England!!!

How many more scandals, heartbreaks and disappointments can Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth endure???



*clawing eyes out* I'll never be the same.

The Mave

,... Wait! Oh, Dammit! Just looked at the DVD & now my other eye done blacked-out!!!


"Hey! Whaddabout Me n' my posse?"

The Mave

I can use a good five-year calendar! Could I order one of those & just skip the DVD's??? I'm already partially blind in one eye!


"To Barry", "Who's ass do you think that is under Ray J?"

Barry Dutter

What, no pic of Kim Kardashian? Chuck, I am disappointed!


Great stuff! funny too! I can't wait for NOW Thats what i call stupid celeb sextapes 2.

MJed Lance Von T.

Artwork-Excellent, as always.
Subject Matter-Horrifying.
K-Tel is out of control these days, I guess. I'd watch these DVD's, but afterwards I'd be spending about 5 hours at the bathroom sink scrubbing my eyes. And I'm pretty sure there would be no way to cleanse the soul after an ordeal like that.
You're the coolest, 14!

Knox Bronson

14- Wonderful!!!

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