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Haha..Britney reinvented :D


It is Britney ! Or maybe Lindsday Lohan ? :P Mayby both even looks like :P


Love this blog but when are you updating? I check in all the time and am disappointed to see the same thing day after day. Please keep up the good work!

Jae Xavier @


Glenn Maguire

Dear 14,
I looked at the creature, and then read her history, laughed out loud, and then checked to see if the fisnet had a hole in it. Of course I was not disappointed as our girl wouldn't dream of wearing new fishnets. There's just something soooooooo cheesy about fishnets, and I only wish we had interactive scents, as I'm sure the aroma oozing from the crotch would be the icing on Britney's cake, or pie, or cupcake, or chooch. Too funny14. I can't wait for Kate plus hate monster, but how would you embellish the horror.! I love the new monsters. You made my bum hum.

obd code reader

this is so cute!


I love it and I wish Britney looked like this in real life. It'd be an improvement.


:O You got a strange, strange mind 14. We love ya anyway/because of it though.


I like this blog. The Simon Cowel Viagra deal is fantastic. Keep up the great posts.


Yay Bionic! You had me at "cucumber"!
I'll ride your train any day!

I concur with your assessment of Fab 14's capturing Brit so well. Uncanny.
Love and Lysol,


Yay Bionic! You had me at "cucumber"!
I'll ride your train any day!

I concur with your assessment of Fab 14's capturing Brit so well. Uncanny.
Love and Lysol,

Bionic Squirrel

Vern, that just about knocked my socks off. You clever little cucumber, you. Chim-Chimera Chim-Chimera Chim-Chim Cherroo. When it comes to GOTA commenters, I choo-choo choose you.

Dearest 14, I cannot believe you managed to make that orange petri growth look exactly like Britney, even at a quick glance. That is the most amusing thing I've seen all day. And it's been a riot of a day.


We're all familiar witht the line:
God is in the details.

I think it actually goes:
GOTA is in the details!


Isn't this like, two years too late? Just sayin.


Chim Chimera
Chim Chimera
Chim Chim Cher-eee
A Cheetos as lucky
as lucky can be...

Chim Chimera
Chim Chimera
Chim Chim Cher-ooo
Orange dust will rub off
When I shake my butt for you
Or blow you a kiss-
now, that's orange too.

I used to sing and dance
up on a stage
Now, a fetid bathroom
serves as my stage.

I live through the pap
in a room vile and dank
but don't cry for me
I laugh at the bank.

Chim Chimera
Chim Chimera
Chim Chim Cher-eee
Life's a trailer park
when your name is


A lot of work went into this piece and the research! By golly! Will there be a Cult of 14?

The Mave

I'm a big fan,......... of the "Gossip Monsters!!!"

Viper Tetsu

References to Greek mythology, fishnet stockings, and cheetos; all in the same place. What a lovely universe this is.

Lobbying--hard--for Webster's to include this pic as an illustration of the word 'gawping'. Damn fine gawping mouth.

And as I've noted before: water hurts less than milk when you laugh so hard that you snort it through your mouth.


I love the concept of this piece- very creative. Can't wait to see the rest of the series. Keep it up! :)

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