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Eric Schiffer Fanatic



The tan, the freckles, the bloat, the pee pee... excellent!!!

Viper Tetsu

Holy Mary Cruising Puyallup in a Duster, she's beautiful. I can just hear her belching and croaking out expletives at E*Trade in a Harvey Fierstein rasp.

Bionic Squirrel

This is brilliant! I love the skin colour, it's perfect. I've been away travelling for so long, now I've got lots to catch up on at GOTA... yay! Fun! You're so right about the fact that if she'd just ignored it, no one would have noticed... she just drew attention to the Milk ad.

renaissance costume

I don't like her.. She's not a good example to my children.


Thanks everyone!

Mandy: I scan the finished drawing into photoshop and add color and texture using several layers. I also use a wacom tablet. I'm still learning the technique through trial and error, but it's a really fun process.



This is hilarious! What computer program do you use to add color to your sketch, if you don't mind me asking?

MJed Lance Von T.

So, Lin Lo claims first name basis cred now. Hmm, are we sure about this? Maybe the makers of Marlboro cigarettes, Jose Quervo, and the Los Angeles Police Dept honor this designation, but I can't see her on the same level as Beyonce, Denzel, or Samuel L. But then again, WHO CARES ABOUT THIS LITTLE HAS BEEN TART, AND HER DELUSIONAL PERCEPTIONS ANYWAY! She hasn't read a relevant script since Jesus left Chicago (which means a very long time, kids). Keep up the good work, 14!


lol..this reminds me of my friend who just got addicted to milk..

when irish eyes are crying

She who loses her reputation, loses her shame.

As you slide down the banisters of life
may the splinters never point the wrong way.

May you have the hindsight to know where you've been,
The foresight to know where you are going,
And the insight to know when you have gone too far.


nice! Love all the detail... Even the pool of urine mixed in the spilled milk.


You capture El Uno Yamo (can't sp in any language)so beautifully, I hope the subtlety of your skewering her parents for leaving a baby out on the street isn't lost on anyone!
love and lactaid,


Milk isn't doing that body much good now is it?


wow, aren't the cigs someone else's favorite? Lol


As always, spot on! LOL! You're awesome!

k really nailed this one, 14! Right down to that little freckle on the upper lip and the lovely Sevin Nyne skin tone... hilarious!


An ego of epic proportions. My gawd.

Alexander Nevermind

Check out the cuts on the forearm - it's an emo milkoholic!

The Mave

I just realized, that's NOT spilled milk under her!!!


AND the peeing!!


Excellent take an an absurd situation. I am going to start suing people for using my VERY COMMON first name too. Steve's of the world, beware.

John U

Haha. That would have made a great Garbage Pail Kids trading card.


Fantastic! That milk needs some Kahlúa.

The Mave

"FANTASTIC!!!" (,.... and love the attention to the details; "freckles, spilled milk, lil' pink hair bow & Cigs!").

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