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captain america

good news: THE DOGS DIE OUT, folks!!


EWWWWW!!! I can't get the Nick Lowe song:
'Marie Provost' outta mah head!

"She was a WINNER,
who became her doggies DINNER...."


Giggle! That mutt looks JUST LIKE Guy--you really captured his essence, 14.


Guy DEFINITELY tries too hard!! What up with the bleached hair/jewelry/loud clothes/loud personality?

MJed Lance Von T.

So glad you posted this awesome piece. GF is such an annoying goofball. This "Guy" reminds me of the overage loser who can be seen lingering around the local nightclub that all the twenty something girls avoid yet all the younger men regard as the "cool old guy", but at the end of the night, those younger guys leave with the girls, and our Mr. F leaves by himself. AGAIN. NIGHT AFTER NIGHT.


It's odd, part of me recognizes that Guy should be annoying (I mean, his name is even annoying, a guy named Guy? WTF?) but, for some reason, he doesn't bother me at all.

This Mutt Grub though is genius. Hilarious in that delicious GOTA style that makes me keep coming back for seconds!


Guy Fieri = trying way too hard to be relevant. :-P Can't stand him! Good poke, uno-quatro.

Bionic Squirrel

Slamma Jamma. I love it.

And what's with those flame-infested shirts, anyways? They're just not a good idea on anyone.

Well done, quattordici!


Having been out celebrating my old dog's birthday, I'm too tired to doo justice to this masterpiece, but I can't resist pointing out that the intestinally protuberantisimous way that you have subtly suggested this bowzer is full of shit, is barking genius!

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