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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Damn, Paris getting caught with coke 'in someone elses purse' and now this pic. Fantastic.
Sluttish Airways.

captain america

those HUUUUUUGE feet are always handy when you must land on the water!!


OMG. You have done it again. My sides hurt from laughter. Thanks and keep up the GREAT artistry!!!!!!

Boarding School

Awesome artwork. Totally captures Ms. Hilton's true essence: big nose, even bigger lips, and a humongous appetite for attention.


Oh man... I will never see a plane in the same light... Thanks to YOU! Brilliant yet again... the sores on the plane ass.. yes!!!!!!!

fast eddie

I just wanted again to say "thank you" for being one of the few people on Earth who can make me laugh to the point of hyperventilation. I have to put on my Depends Xtra Absorbant Adult Diaper before I click on your sight. I don't comment often but I wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated. The whole damn country is sinking into a giant shitpit and being a self-employed person in the middle of the shitpit it seems that by the end of each day I am ready to stick my head in the oven to end the misery(that God I have an electric stove) BUT..then I click on your site and laugh myself into a drunken-like state. (I quit the booze years ago--damn why'd I do it!) and your insights, humor and art really help ease the stress. After a stop on your site I always realize how ridiculous it all is (and I mean everything in life)and I'm ready for a new day. Also, your other site is just as good. My girlyfriend is also an artist and she is amazed at your artwork, creativity and the sheer amount of work you produce. At any rate--thanks again and take care.

Emmanuel for online dating

Didn't know Paris Hilton had a private jet. Nice to have rich parents...


Wonk eye and crab logo. Is there anything you can't do?? Amazing!

Julie McKinnon


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