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High Fructose Corn Syrup has almost exactly the same composition of honey, roughly 50% fructose, 50% glucose. The danger isn't with the substance itself, it's the fact that corn has been so excessively subsidized that HFCS is in everything we eat. It's the increasing amount of sugar in our diet that's the problem, not that HFCS is a toxin.
But you know what they say about's made from bee vomit. You can't win.


Genius 14!

Master Blaster

This is such a great idea! Maybe people will pay attention now.


Looks like it's in everything EXCEPT kale. What, oh what, can we eat?

sweet subversion

I'm eating kale as I read this. You would be so proud.

I wish I hated everything with liquid corn syrup in it. I wish I hated frozen pizza, hamburgers, and ice cream too.

I wish I didn't care how much I farted.

Lance Von T

LIQUID SATAN! That's funny!!! On a serious note, based on your findings, I've decided to dramatically cut back my eating of processed foods. Besides being good for me, they just plain taste better. Great post again, 14!


Ironic, this stuff looks like the same stuff they lipo-suck out! Hmmmmmm....


Yay! I love when you and Mr. Lizard collaborate! will get snarky later.


Well done!

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