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Vince Noir

The level of misinformation in the blog is astounding. I understand we have not all studied organic chemistry, toxicology, and biochem, but this makes me angry.

First, you list a number of unsubstantiated claims about aspartame that seem more based on paranoid delusions of a chemophobic public than on fact. Then, worse, you call aspartame "the poop of genetically modified bacteria." (First, it's a secondary metabolite, not excrement. Second, by your definition, penicillin is the poop of fungus and Taxol is the poop of a stately yew tree. Oh, and antioxidants are the poop of fruits and veggies!)

Chemically, aspartame is made up of amino acids...just two of them in fact...with one carbon added. Amino acids: they make up every protein in your body; they are generally non-toxic at crazy high doses; they are easily metabolized and excreted (or even used by your cells to build protein).

And any argument about that extra carbon (AKA a methyl group) becoming methanol? A glass of orange juice naturally contains WAY more methanol than any but the most dedicated soda drinker could ever hope to consume.

Leave aspartame alone and stop scaring people to believe idiotic, ignorant things.


I'm afraid you're wrong :) A lot of research has been made over the years, and there's been 3 concluding researches lately, going through virtually every experiment ever made. Every team of scientists found 0 conclusive evidence of any harm possibly done by aspartam. Media likes to hype that stuff, as panic sells papers. It tastes like shit tho ;)


Well this fecal fructose has helped me maintain an earthly weight that staved off having my own gravitational pull.

African Women

Not sure I agree with the premise, but I love the imagery.


I love you 14! Totally agree with you about the Aspartame. This is one of the first things I try to get my patients to give up - especially those trying to get pregnant. It is a MAJOR impediment to fertility, along with all these other nasty symptoms. Thanks for spreading the word!

Aristarco Scannabue

EXACTLY what they said in Futurama! coke is made of poop!


Oh my darling Doodle Whore, I don't think I can spend the rest of my life drawing Paris Hilton and her many open sores, but I must admit - I do have a Paris item currently on the drawing table. My interest in celebrity is fading, but there's plenty more to poke fun at out there.

The above illo was done by my pal Bob. What until you see his Frankencorn!


Doodle Whore

After 20 years of drinking Diet Coke and using Equal (then Splenda) I quit using all artificial sweeteners last February and I've never felt better. Plus I dropped 10 lbs without even trying. Kudos to you for using your talent to spread the word about this! Now that you've done your public service announcement, please go back to drawing Parasite Hilton's vaginal warts.


Gee, I thought I was sweet poison!

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