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14-I love you! :o)

sweet subversion

People are getting angry about fluoride and corn!! Wooooooo!!!!!!!!


And to think it all started with Squirrel Nut Crunch. So deeply happy to have found you and your brilliant work!

payday uk

Funny how no one says anything about floride being so dangerous.


Vern... sugar is also an ingredient in rat poison. Your point?

Bunch of fucking nutjobs...

"Carbonated" water is oxygen. Let it sit in a glass for a second and it's gone.

If you think the utility provided water is so bad, then I hope you've got your own rainwater collection setup going. Enjoy using that for everything.


Keep up the good job.
Alesum:summarizing the world.


You are wide awake and ahead of the game. So refreshing to see the beautiful & talented exposing whats going on.
Great Work. Thank you.

Wake up everyone!

best self tanners

I never drink directly from the tap, always boil it first. You might never know if there is too much floride in it.

CAPlastic Surgeon

That's a pretty one sided argument. Fluoride is very dangerous in large amounts. But the amounts of fluoride in tap water shouldn't be harmful at all. In fact, it is beneficial. Keep doing your research and calm down with the conspiracy theories.


Mike, here in San Francisco we have evil food police too. Currently, ours are trying to ban toys from being included in McDonalds Happy Meals. I'm not sure what that will accomplish, but at least we still get to eat salt and drink coffee. Sorry to hear that it's worse in New York.

Not sure why so many of you are accusing me of such dastardly deeds just because I've been making monsters from ALLEGED toxic ingredients, but swinging by to tell me what I should or shouldn't do with my art does nothing but make me laugh.

Oh Mikey dear, it's probably been as tough and difficult a year for you as it has been for me. I read your comment as I was sitting in the vet's ER office waiting to see how long my beloved dog has to live (not long). I understand - you need to take it out on someone, so why not unload on some silly artist girl you don't even know. Very manly indeed.

"Limousine Liberal". Now there's a term I've never heard before. First thing that comes to mind is a Prius with one of those Obama HOPE stickers stuck on the back. We have so many of those things putt-putting around the streets of San Francisco and each time I see one, I want to kick it...but I don't...because it would hurt my foot.

Much love to ya hon...



Loving it, 14!


I thought all of the food police were here in New York City. No pictures of salt or coffee yet? Why don't you just go back and paint celebs like you used to? What's next, Global Warming? I'm really surprised that this is turning into a limousine liberal website.

Bionic Squirrel

Unhappy and angry people feel better when they can try to make others feel the same way. Poor little thing, hopefully life will treat her better in future.

Why would one bother throwing insults in the host's face? It's the equivalent to entering someone's house, walking around loudly proclaiming the decor to be unattractive, spitting on the floor, then flouncing out in a huff.

As always, thanks for sharing your work, 14.

Lance Von T

As far as water "additives" go, I'm fortunate enough to live in the greatest city in the world, San Francisco, and I'd like to think that in a socially conscious city like ours, the amount of chemicalization introduced into the water supply is at a minimum. However, I've heard locals from other large urban swells describe their water thickness as "flowing with the texture of hand sanitizer". That's a bit spooky. At any rate, another killer post 14! Thx for keeping us informed.

The Mave

Huh! I'm shocked,.. but despite it all, I've still got enough IQ braincells left to appreciate your artistic, humorous & absolutely fantastic creative posts!!!


I didn't get a 'food police' vibe from these cards, and I'm sensitive to such things, because I hate being preached to and yes, a lot of what you hear is hooey! But, I rather like them on many different levels.
If I get a vote, I say, post away Sweet Darling!


Hi Trulia,

My intention with the toxic trading cards is NOT to tell people what to do, it's to make goofy monsters out of the controversy surrounding the many ingredients some have deemed harmful to our health. This information is all over the internet and is starting to show up in mainstream news - it's not like I'm making it up. I don't see the difference in illustrating this sort of public debate from illustrating celebrity gossip - all if it is simply nothing more than stories exchanged by people and I like illustrating what I've come to view as "modern folk tales". Controversial subjects are the most fun for me and honestly, half the stuff I draw doesn't even reflect my own opinion. It's public discourse that inspires me more than anything. I listen/read what people talk about it - and I then I go draw it.

I know I've lost many readers who expect me to draw silly gossip for the rest of my life, but I'd like to grow and expand into all sorts of new subject matter and can't really worry about what others think. Yes, I'll still draw gossip when I find an interesting or funny item out there, but I want to play with other ideas too. I even suffered through my first episode of Jersey Shore the other night just so I could understand what all the hype is about. I still don't understand - a bunch of slurring, lurid orange people hopping in each other's beds and getting into school yard fights. But yeah, I came up with a few ideas.

Really though, this is just a quick project and I'll soon be off illustrating something else. If I've lost you as a reader because of it, so be it. I can't please everyone and certainly don't expect to.

By they way, eggs and chocolate are good for you. Well, at least the ones that aren't contaminated with salmonella. Ha! ; )


PS: I have an almost finished Paris Hilton portrait sitting on the easel - should I post it?


Yeah, I totally don't like these illustrations. I mean, the next thing you'll be saying is eating fresh veggies is bad for us. Honestly, nothing is perfect. I mean the air we breathe is bad but we've got to breathe something. Too much sun is bad, but where else are we going to get natural vitamin D and if you stay indoors all the time with no sun you tend to be depressed. Why can't we just enjoy life. It's too short to be obsessing over everything little thing. Can't eat corn, shouldn't eat chocolate, shouldn't eat eggs or any meat for that matter, can't drink water, shouldn't buy non-organic fruits, etc, etc, etc.


Flouride is also an ingredient in rat poison. Not sure which I like better, being a sheepling or being a ratling. Our water comes out carbonated, but I'm pretty sure its not Champagne.


I've always heard that 'they' add prozac to the water supply to sedate the masses. That's the latest from the tin-foil hat scuttlebutt.

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