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GHD Straightener Outlet

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I love hotdogs. Hebrew National is my standard. I don't care, I love them. Sometimes you have to have a good 'time dog' as well. 'Time dogs' are what you buy from the quickie mart. They are called so because you don't know how long they've been there on the rollers, yet they always look brand new.


As stated, nitrites combined with protein can form nitrosamines in the gut, which have been shown to be a carcinogen, however you can prevent this formation by eating some Vitamin C with your processed meat.


Miscellaneous left-over body parts ground up and stuffed into intestines -- what's not to love?

Maybe the phallic appearance, or perhaps because it is stuck between buns before you eat it, I just don't do hot dogs.

The Mave

"Ummmmmm Ummph! Pass dem' Nathan's weennies n' dat-dere Grey Pou-pon, Aunt Bea, 'cause dem's some sho' nuff gooooood eatin's!"


On second thought, pass dat Pepto-Bismol instead!


Jackie Jackie

Ok but even if naturally occurring sodium nitrite is good for you, that does not mean that lab-created sodium nitrite is. Naturally occurring citric acid is fine for my son, but lab-created citric acid makes him barf! There is a difference!


I'm with you 14 on the 'unusual nature' of hot dogs... who really knows what's in them or where they came from. For me, the only thing that makes them palatable is the addition of condiments.


Even though I'm getting...ahem...OLDER, I still can't bring myself to appreciate GRAY MEAT!

Lance Von T

I like B. Lizarraga's artwork. The crispness in the form is really cool.



The nitrite thing could be pure speculation and disinfo, so don't give up the meat just yet. Once I bit into a hot dog and there was some sort of rubbery tube (an artery?) sticking out of it. NEVER did I eat a hot dog again. It's not so much the nitrates that bother me, it's the fact they're so darn mysterious and shady.



Nutritionist = quack con artist with $60 diploma mill degree.

Dietitian = accredited professional with Masters of Nursing degree from accredited university.

Never trust a "nutritionist".

sweet subversion

I swear this makes me want to become a vegetarian again. This shit is nasty!

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