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The Mave

Ahhh,.... I miss the red fire-crotch hair!!!! She needs ta go back ta dat!


She is awful but I do feel sort of sorry for her.

Seattle Network Support

Was that made by gold?

sweet subversion

It hurts to look at her face.


Yes, a 'firecrotch" ruby is needed. I would so totally own this. Too bad Lilo won't own up to her bullsh#t like a big girl but then again she lives in a town where Charlie Sheen can shut down production,putting folks out of work, so he can attend to his excesses.


Like Callahan, I'm waiting to see you do Sheen-er, I mean as art, not his peen.


and to add to the idiotic actress her excuse- " i forgot it was on my neck"
well lay off the alcohol and ull b more alert. doy


Hey 14, you forgot to include the 'firecrotch' ruby encrusted gold pendant.

Lady Callahan

I would like a Tarnished Sheen charm to go along with this one on my chain.


I used to feel some pity for Lilo because she's been in the public eye for so long and has had a very hard time of it. But then she goes and does something as blatantly idiotic as stealing a necklace and then utterly moronically wears it in public.

I think she gets off on the attention.

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