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John U

To the beach then, I love the Corona`s in the marguerita glass :)
Great artwork.


hahaha... this is called creativity. i love your art


Omg! HA-ha-ha. Here she looks better than in real life!

Jenn F.

You know, I don't really think it's her body type that's the problem... it's that she wears the most unflattering clothing for her particular body type, which just makes her look shorter and wider. She could definitely choose more wisely and pull off a better look. She also hasn't been the epitome of health and fitness, although lately she seems to be getting that together a bit better.


Well. I'm from the same country as Snooki (she was adopted in Chile). Lots of chileans look like her, including myself. It's kind of sad for me that she is found grotesque in the US. Also, from my point of view, she hasn't had plastic surgery. I also have to confess that I watch the show and she has grown on me. I like that she is not ashamed of her body even if she doesn't look barbie-ish.


Hi Mandy,
Thanks for the Vigilant Citizen link! There is a wealth of goodness available there for me to illustrate and find inspiration. Thanks so much for making me aware of it..



that's perfect! you've captured everything I thought was weird about her, especially her old lady mouth and squashed-looking torso!

sweet subversion

This is brilliant.

She is way too short to have such massive jugs! She looks ridiculous. Her plastic surgeon ought to be ashamed!


Hi 14, I love your art!!! Have you ever been to the vigilant citizen website? I suggest checking it out. I could see you providing illustrations for his articles which are inspiring like your artwork. Similar themes, albeit, he takes it a step farther and goes a bit darker. Check out his articles about the entertainment industry and pop culture please. I'm curious what you'd think.

big news articles

hehehe, great pic


She is perfection.


HAHA 14!
You little minx! Just noticed the spaceship! It must be heading home as there was no intelligent life to find.


If only those sharks weren't on a skank-free diet!

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