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Sharon Stone photo looks very elegant


Thanks for your kindness Andrea!


I love your work & haven't looked in a while so there was a treasure trove of new stuff. I love it all!! You're so witty, funny, and incredibly talented. Heidi's Bust of a Bust, with Joan rivers hawking it, oh my God, so funny. I am so glad to see your new stuff. Sharon Stone looks like the cold fish she is, (I hear, through actual employees) ice water in those veins. Brrr!!! And Snooki is hilarious. She looks like a McDonald's' Happy meal toy, and those are about to become illegal!! Thanks, 14!

sandro caldas casson



She's still blooming even though she's now old.

sweet subversion

That really does look like her. I can't believe her face. Since she had the work, she totally looks like a different person.


Jeebus 14! You made her skin look so real and lifelike, you know, like if she had human skin at this point! Amazing! The Kamodo dragons are bowing to your greatness!

Lance Von T

Not to be presumptuous 14, but didn't you mean to say "Jersey Bore-ing"? Or "Jersey Snore-ing". Wait, I got it-"Jersey Deplor-ing". Well, you'll have to tell me later how the rest of this show's season goes, cause' I'll be "Jersey Ignor-ing".

The Mave

"Kooky, Fun, but Very Lovely all at the same time,... just like The Artist!!!

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