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John U

Aweseom SUPERHERO =))
Great artwork.

Cathy Johnston


Jenn F.

I couldn't believe it when this story came out. I mean, when you have a name like Weiner, wouldn't a past lifetime of teasing prevent you from doing dumb sh*t like this? Guess not.

Great work, you two.


If Anthony Weiner didn't make the gallery of the absurd we'd be disappointed. Loved the blazing wedding ring in the foreground and the fact the guy is a raving, liberal, democrat loon from NY.

dee cee

HA HA HA! omg.. I am laughing so much.. thanks


Fantastic, 14. You always succeed on putting a new spin to it.


Weiner Man is pretty good; your write-ups are brilliant.




A WEINER signal???????

That beats the sausage out of that punk-ass weiner-mobile!


Once Again, a great art piece by two great artist, Chuck Frazier and 14. Can't wait for the next one guys! A job well done!

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