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Mark Ebner

Little known Buddy Hackett fact: The man was agoraphobic for a decade, unable to leave his home. But Buddy came back. He did.


Your work is pretty awesome. Glad I found it (linked over from pffugeecamp following a DKos meltdown over Mondoweiss search - I have been banned by his Z-team minions as well).

Like your band name idea. I always thought a cool name for a cover band would be the Genuine Imitations (and pronounced "jen-u-wine")

Jenn F.

These are both fantastic illustrations.

14, your style is inimitable.

Bob, the expression you pulled out of his face made me laugh out loud.


Great illustrations 14…(but of course) love the gesture and the way you truly capture the personality of the person you're drawing - it's your trademark and so enjoyable.


*Volunteers with Lola Heatherton to be a "Hackett"*

Francine Plowhorse

"Hello, Tis. This is Herbie."

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