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Brilliant! With that image now stuck in my head, I'll be laughing all evening. It's dead on!

Height growth

How fun and how cute! Such a great artist! Is there only one artist for all these masterpieces in the site?


Wow. There's no mistaking who it is, is there. Spot on.


Damn, you just keep getting better


Dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept guard the entrance, this figure is see art, is actually facial paralysis


i like your chachater design


Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm grateful my favorite commenters over the years have now become my friends - I love you guys....


Jenn F.

Oh this is AMAZING!!! Damn, you just keep getting better. What a masterpiece.


I like the expression in describing


Hi Midevil,

Yes sometimes the timing of my posts combined with current events unsettles me. Synchronicity? Madness? When I heard about crazy crazy Court burning herself in a fire, I honestly hoped she was okay. I can't have my girl getting hurt. Poor dear, she's such a mess - but that is exactly the reason she appeals to me so much. Thanks for continuing your comments, it is much appreciated!



When I first saw your pic (today), I thought it might be about the fact that she burnt her hands trying to put out a fire in her home last week. Although it's fungus, it is eerie in that way! The glassy eye and bloated lips - you pay such attention to detail! Love it!

sweet subversion

14, this is the BEST, the absolute BEST portrait of Court you have ever done!!!! I love what you have done with her eyes.

I often wonder how a psychiatrist would formally diagnose this woman? I read she was bipolar. Have a friend who's bipolar, she's NOTHING like Court. I wonder if you could throw in severe narcissistic personality disorder too. Even in her most lucid moments this woman says the most inappropriate shit - like talking about the people she's fucked and how bad they are in bed, the size of her dead husband's dick, and her master plan to be a gold digger.


She is an oozey floozey!

SPOT ON! (get it?) ;)

The Mave

This is so good, it should be an art print!! You really nailed her loony behind!!! Even her fungi has antenna-like growths! And those lips,... and,.. that eye!

"Marvelous Work!"

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