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What I fail to understand is why and how this little tart is thought of as wholesome. She acts like a hooker. She has a wide mouth which is appropriate for 'blow jobs'. I am sure each of the Disney execs had a turn with her.

Her singing voice is hoarse possibly from laryngitis from giving the execs oral pleasure. Miley is a homely girl who has to spread her legs to be noticed. Ugly girls often degrade themselves because they are jealous of the pretty girls who get attention.

I really feel for the hell bound Cyrus family circus. Billy Ray acting like her glorified pimp and I am pretty sure he's also screwing her. It won't be long before she's turning drinks on a street corner.

Jenn F.

Sweetsubversion, I think that Tish Cyrus is trashy looking because she looks like she raided her daughter's closet each time she goes out. She tends to dress like an 18 year old skank instead of a middle-aged mom. It's not like she couldn't pull off sexy/attractive at her age, if she'd only dress appropriately! Some women are just so afraid of age, they end up looking pathetic.

Oh and I love the single eye explanation... it's so true!! Very funny.


Thanks all!

This particular illustration was inspired 100% by Dlisted and his witty group of commentariat. I was reading the comments under one of Michael K's posts about the Cyrus family and one of his readers remarked:

"Tish Cyrus' eyes are so close together she looks like a cyclops".

I'm very visual, so that image stuck in my mind and wouldn't go away. So there you go, that's why Tish is a Cyclops.



Miley's brother is really, really disturbing looking. Demi Lovato hit that? Damn, what is wrong with her?

I gotta ask though why does Tish have one, giant eye?

Gah, Noah Cyrus creeps me out with the little cherubic chipmunk face paired with prostitute wardrobe.


Always love visting your site, but I'm finally caught confused as to why Tish Cyrus is caricatured with one big eye. Please explain the joke to me!!


I am having to look deep within myself to try and understand why I feel (not think) Trish Cyrus is trashy looking.

All feedback is encouraged. Help me procrastinate and avoid reality.

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