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Ummmm did I miss the memo, cause I thought Webmaster Pete's comments were tongue in "CHEEK".

Bionic Squirrel

What a typical assumption Webmaster Pete came to. If you're not mesmerized, you must be jealous! LOL


It disgusts me how famous these bitches are for doing nothing.

Hidden Cameras for Home

Brilliant as usual 14! I love love love the big "galoot" remark. Pimp Mama Kris is shameless. I worry for her two younger daughters. Quite frankly I wish the whole clan would just go away!

Use hidden cameras for home to protect your property at your home, office, your children, and your pets to give you peace of mind.

Scandy Factory

Galoot is the perfect word for that Pleistocene Rube


Your art has been seem by millions of people now!


14, do you ever teach art classes or workshops?


Brilliant! Thanks for pointing out the obvious that people seem to have forgotten, she AND they are only famous because she took a video of herself having sex and "leaked: it! NOTHING more!

I don't think we have seen anything yet. Wait until she really turns those younger ones out and I don't think Bruce will do anything to stop her. She is a MONSTER mama pimp!

El B

Superb pics and so true. Mama pimp.


Great caricatures- looks just like them, in cartoon form!




Webmaster Pete, your momma obviously didn't breastfed you.
14 you rule!!!! Love from Vancouver.


all butt Kardashian!!!!!!


I have to disagree about 'it all started with a butt.'

Lest we forget, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman had to die for their sins.

Is it wrong of me to envision the whole lot combusting spontaneously?


I'm still not sure of who the Kardishes are. What do they do? I don't think you drew in enough money.


Oh damn! My butt giggled itself into an unnatural fit imagining 14's butt hhurrking up a Kimmy.

Webmaster Pete

You are obviously jealous of Kimmy's beautiful, talented butt. Your butt will never be as famous as hers. The thought of this no doubt gnaws at you day and night. Get over it 14! God only hands out butts like this once in a generation.

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