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Really like the blog, appreciate the share!


Like the blog, appreciate the share!

du hoc canada

One image get art style and is so terrible but I LIKE IT.Thank !

Webmaster Pete

14 -
Can we sure the messages signed 'Courtney Stodden' are REALLY from her? I mean - the spelling errors and everything - it's TOO much - couldn't it be someone just pretending to be her?


OK, it's widely recognized that I am considered..."naive"...I like to think it is part of my charm, and yet, despite my fans and supporters' validation, my obtuseness may have clouded my judgement, because I suddenly realize that the low chatter that I mistook as commenter teasing is apparently some kind of "mean girl" shit. I didn't recognize it at first because it seemed so feeble. But now, upon further reflection, I understand that this nagging is some sort of "challenge," a dropped gauntlet if you will, so, I hope you will indulge me when I make the effort to cut a bitch.

Courtney Stodden

I graduated from higshcool and got my GED to pursue my carreer. I am a inspiring actress, model, game show hostess and country singer. I write my own music and lyricks. Women all over the world are jaelouse of me and Doug. We are going to have our own realty show soon and I am getting offers all the time from people all over. I am going places and people especially plain looking women like 14 are just jaelouse. I am a trophy bride and Doug and me are a powwer cuople in hollywood. We will be bigger then Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.


...Notice her comment.

She must have dropped high school to pick up "singing." Good gravy.

El B

She wishes she looked that good. What is going on with her licky lizard lips? Dry meth mouth? Fantastic pic as usual.

Alicia Gluckman

Question: Where she is under 18, are her photos considered child porn?


Courtney, no. It seems to me that you are very immature for your age and being 17 naturally are very naive.. Maybe also download some kind of spell checking software for your computer, I can spot several rather embarrassing and obviously mistakes.. Especially when you are trying to stand up for yourself. Did you even finish high school?

dee cee

Epic artist conception of her sluggish liztardness..


OMG! OMG! OMG! 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Femme Fatalingly experiencing my nubile legs bust a move, I wantonly pray for your Court-appointed love-making to aspire crescendo-like to the pinnacle of damage control.

Courtney Stodden

You sure have allot of audassity judging me. Just like my song says don't put it on me girl. You are obviously jaelose of me and you need to look withing yuorself and realize you can be the best you can be. I am a good Christian girl. I have good morrels and waited till I was married to have sex. I am very mature for my age and my husband and I are suolmaites. I realy think you need to let go of yuor jaelosies. Dont put it on me 14.


Wow, this depiction does the poor girl a favor. If only she did look this good, she might actually have a chance at stardom. Excellent work, once again!


My breasts are rill my teeth are rill my lips are rill my hair is rill everything is rill.....


LOVE IT! You hit the nail on the head!!!! While I cannot stand the sight of those two when I surf the net, I have to admit, they are the gift that keeps on giving! I laugh and cringe at their antics! No shame at all. 14, you have a gift!

Webmaster Pete

Well, being an amateur herpetologist of sorts, and really loving those young slutty blondes, I'm at the highest state of arousal of been in in quite some time. Thanks 14!


A Tale of Two Courtneys

It was the breast of crimes,
It was the curse of dreams,
It was the age of indiscretion
It was the age of consent,
It was the epoch of grunge,
It was the epoch of reality,
It was the sting of youth,
It was the twitter of despair,
We had strange brilliance before us,
We had avarice before us,
We were all going to the circus,
We were all going direct to you-tube.


"So this is what happens to Toddler's in Tiara's when they turn into teenagers." HA!

Bionic Squirrel

Aaaaaaaughh!!! It's brilliant! Incredible how much that really looks like her. The sad(dest) part is that when she scrapes all of the make-up off, and you imagine her with her natural (darker) hair, she's not a bad looking girl. The layers of fakery (let alone the ridiculous shenanigans) make her less and less attractive. Poor thing, she's too young to realize what an ass she's making of herself. And the husband? There are just not enough ways to say Ewww to describe him. Nice work, 14!


LMMAAOOOO!! Gotta share. LOL!


Oh the poor, unfortunate cocktus!

Judging by its present height of about 12" (approximately 17 to 31 in cactus years) coming into contact and being penetrated by this slithering hypersexualus lizard... this sucker has no chance of becoming a majestic Saguaro Cactus it was meant to be, reaching a height of over 43 ft tall, spanning close to 200 years.



Talk about strategially positioned cactuses! Or is it just me?

But really: it's spot on, very realistic, oddly lifelike.

The Mave

This looks even better n' she does, especially with the shoes!
Can't believe this is a teenager! She looks kinda like a Shauna Sand

What a peculiar species she be!

Very Funny! You really nailed another one real good!


Right on the money again 14, you genius! Love the toes coming out of the shoes!

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